A message from Jimmy Buffett

Watch Buffett’s message on getting through the Coronavirus and how to greet each other by using the Fin to say hello without having to touch each other.

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81 thoughts to “A message from Jimmy Buffett”

  1. Thanks Jimmy, we have tickets to your concert in Charleston on April 16th which is our anniversary gift to each other. Married April 16th 1983, and have been parrot heads all this time. Completely understand the postponement and look forward to the new date.
    Fins up.
    Dick & Michelle Bergeron

  2. Why don’t you just broadcast a live solo concert for the rest of the world that’s not holed-up in St Bart’s? You can just have a pile of products beside you and your little teleprompter for all those songs you no longer know by heart.

  3. Thanks for the fins up. Have been using it for years and now it catches on. Keep safe , keep well and move on.

  4. Jimmy takes for the kind word. For me, you have always been there in good times and tough times helping to make them better. While I practice my social distancing a replayed Buffett concert always puts me right back there at one of your concerts. Also, I am related through marriage to some of your Mobile, Al. friends the Reilly’s, Timbo, Danny, Mike, Woody, Dennis and the girls Stay safe looking forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh and maybe Red Rocks my bucket list show. Fins up!

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