6 thoughts to “Buffett launches JimmyBuffett.com”

  1. Fan-tastic! Happy to see this! Can’t get enough of Jimmy! What … no Vegas this year???

  2. I dig it a lot! Next we shall see a tribute to John Prine. Not to be bogus, but today I Cranked John Prine music all day on my music box, cried like he was my best friend. Blessed are we that were touched by his music. Lucky for you that actually said “Hello In There” Thanks Mac Macanally! So, home, Kalamazoo. Getting ready for Paris, fins are always up, and never stop the carnival. Thanks doesn’t even express my gratitude to you Jimmy Buffett and Coral Reefers! You’re my saviors, over 30 years! This is tough between Wedns and Saturday. Its a fine line – Thanx again

  3. I got to meet Fingers Taylor while he played a gig with Sunny Jim. That was cool! got the photos and autographs!!! In Michigan, of all places. Oh, LOVE the Boat Drunks!!! Got to see them at 2020 Blackhawks game before this pandemic. I really acted up and had a blast – mingled with the band, but didn’t win the vacation. I got a lot more, I guess. Humility!

  4. Oh, it was Margaritaville at the Blackhawks. I’ll be there again, well, if the Boat Drunks are

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