Listen to Buffett’s new song “Who Gets to Live Like This”

Listen to a clip of Buffett’s new song “Who Gets to Live Like This”. The video was filmed in Key West. The song is from Jimmy Buffett’s new album “From the Flip Side” which will be released on May 8th.

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16 thoughts to “Listen to Buffett’s new song “Who Gets to Live Like This””

    1. Another fine JB melody with lyrics to carry anyone to their favorite coastal locale- whether around the corner or in the back of your mind. Can’t wait to add to the playlist!

  1. Can’t wait to here the whole album, Jimmy! come to Western Colorado and play at the new venue “Ranch Crawkiss”… Between Crawford and Hotchkiss… Also, please tell the President not to share the stage with the Vice President… With Nancy P third in line..! Just sayin’… Thanks for the years of fun music!….

    1. Even coming from you, Jimmy, maybe you should ask him not be in the same town with the VP .. ever.. Not Tell him.. Ask nicely… Like… “Mr Buffett , will you please come play at Ranch Crawkiss next summer?!”… Thank you

      1. Ok, I no longer own a record player nor a CD player. What other options do I have to listen to this new album?

  2. HEY, i’d just dig it if living in a Margaritaville commune would be affordable. I wanted to ask that in Chicago when I was front row with the Tribune press, but I was so shocked that I was actually sitting there 15 feet away listening to commentary and prompted if I had any questions. I was speechless! Dah! Post concert Wrigley Field. I brought along my hat purchased from Mville Navy Pier, thinking an autograph would be cool. My conclusion was seeing Jimmy B this close was amazing. His singing voice and speaking voice resounded so differently in this special time zone. I’ll never forget it. I’d like the good fortune of those that have been at the right place at right time in St Somewhere to have the unique experience to see Jimmy up close in a perfect paradise

  3. Hmmm, good song but horrible time to put it out. Majority for us don’t even come close to that lifestyle and now we are stuck in our sh*t shacks watching that video. Jimmy Buffett seems to be tone deaf and a bit out of touch with what the average person is living with right now. Look forward to the new album..just bad timing with this song. My opinion, nothing more nothing less.

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