Buffett joins “The View” to share a Mother’s Day surprise

From ABC.com: Deserving mothers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak received the surprise of a lifetime for Mother’s Day this year.

These mothers working the frontlines at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx experience firsthand how demanding life has become in the fight against COVID-19.

Eva Calo, a head nurse at Lincoln Hospital, said on “The View” that she hasn’t had time to process the death of her mother-in-law, who passed away at her hospital because there were so many other patients that needed care.

Elsie Lecour, whose been the senior client navigator at Lincoln Memorial for 17 years, has gone above and beyond to be the liaison between patients and their families during the coronavirus crisis.

“Working in the emergency room when the coronavirus started, we had a lot of family members bringing in the patients and a lot of them were concerned because they didn’t have their phones,” Lecour said. “So we provided them with the access to communicate.”

Calo and Lecour are apart of the 150 working mothers at Lincoln Hospital who were surprised by singer Jimmy Buffett to reveal an early Mother’s Day gift.

“On behalf of Margaritaville and friends and partners at Karisma Hotels & Resorts, 150 of you hard-working moms at the Lincoln Hospital are gonna get a first-rate dream vacation from Margaritaville when all this is over,” Buffett said on “The View” Friday.

Once travel restrictions are lifted, these moms and their families will receive a four-night, five-day vacation that includes luxury accommodations.

Karisma Hotels & Resorts is donating 150 more vacations to those on the frontlines and their families.

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  1. Nice. After browsing 4wheelonline for truck parts I needed to fix my vehicle, I’ve talked to my mom via facetime. She has mentioned this one. So now I googled about it and saw the post on this site. My mom was a retired nurse. Hearing about this gives a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. We have to thank our front liners, especially the healthcare providers who give care despite the pandemic.

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