Buffett Performs “The Night I Painted The Sky”

For this week’s “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart” video Jimmy Buffett performs the song “The Night I Painted The Sky“. The song was last performed live on November 6, 1999 at the Le Select 50th Anniversay Show in Gustavia.

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9 thoughts to “Buffett Performs “The Night I Painted The Sky””

  1. I’ve been a fan since 1976…love all your songs. Listening to you while going through chemo helped keep me in a good place. You are the best….fins up. My motto now is breathe in, breathe out , move on! Thanks for all the memories. On my bucket list to see you in concert at least one more time…would make an even 7.

  2. Jimmy and Delaney, thanks for these videos. It’s just wonderful to listen to these treasure troves of experiences and long lost songs. I have been apart of the Parrothead family for decades, yet this particular cut, I feel apart of your family. Like watching my uncle relive his experiences of the past. I love you even more! Thank you.

  3. We have been huge fans since the 70s. Wow how time flies. So enjoying not only the older songs but the backgrounds make them even more meaningful and memorable so thanks for this great project for us fans.

    Fins up!

  4. My all time favorite Buffett tune! So grateful to hear it today! The visual, so poetic. Fan for 40 years.

  5. Truly beautiful. You have been and will continue to be the sound track of my life. Thank you for all the wonderful concerts (don’t know how many but lots) and the wonderful music. I told my daughter to have a big party and play your music when I die from maybe “A Touch Of Island Fever”……Don’t ever stop the Carnival!

  6. Thanks Delaney and Jimmy for sharing these special moments. I just moved to Sint Maarten where I bought a bar on the boardwalk. So fun to hear Jimmy tell stories about being here. Jimmy has been such a huge inspiration in my life since the mid 80’s and I am finally living my dream of living on an island. If you are ever back in Sint Maarten be sure to stop by and say hello and I would be glad to help you Paint the Sky again. Thanks, Rick – The Salty Taco -SXM

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