Buffett Adds 30 Years Of Live Recordings To nugs.net

For more than 50 years, Jimmy Buffett has delivered legendary performances beloved by millions.  The music has spawned 30 albums, (including his 2020 release, Life On The Flip Side) 43 tours, a record label, a radio station, best-selling books, a global lifestyle company and of course, a legion of Parrotheads who flock to his live performances. In partnership with nugs.net, the leading platform for live concert streams, 30 years of Jimmy Buffett’s live performances will be made available for fans on-demand.  The first set of five shows from the archive will launch on the streaming service on Thursday, October 1st, in both audio and video formats.  Five additional shows will be added every Thursday throughout October. All audio will be available for download, as well as CD purchases.  Weekly live shows featured on Radio Margaritaville will also be added to the nugs.net platform, and archived video performances will be powered by nugs.tv.

Brad Serling, nugs.net Founder and CEO, adds, “Our focus has always been on delivering the live music experience direct to fans, and there are very few artists who deliver as colorful of a live show as the inimitable Jimmy Buffett.  We’ve been chasing this big fish for some time, and we’re delighted he’s landed on nugs.net.”

Coleman Sisson, GM of Radio Margaritaville added “Jimmy and I have been talking for years about the best way to allow fans the ability to enjoy past shows, on-demand, and all signs pointed towards nugs.net.  They’ve been doing this for years, and we’re excited to finally make the partnership a reality.”

Try it free for 30 days! Check it out & let us know what you think of the idea!http://nugs.net/live-jimmy-buffett* nugs.net, with 15,000+ shows from artists such as Bruce Springsteen. Dead & Company and beyond.

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