Buffett performs “Little Miss Magic” for SYDKBH

In the latest “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart” video Jimmy Buffett performs the song “Little Miss Magic” which he wrote for his daughter Savannah in 1981. The song was last performed live on April 19th 2016 in Birmingham, AL.

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2 thoughts to “Buffett performs “Little Miss Magic” for SYDKBH”

  1. I just love hearing Jimmy’s adventures. I’ve been a follower for almost 50 years. I still don’t know how it happened as I was the original “lonesome “cowboy” with an appreciation for all music except rap. 😉🤠

  2. Have always loved this tune…one of Jimmy’s best! There is just so much of Jimmy’s music out there for people to hear. It’s not just his standards. This SYDKBH series has been fantastic. Keep them coming, Jimmy!! Thank you

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