Interview with Delaney Buffett

Delaney Buffett is a special guest on The Paul Leslie Hour. If there was one good thing about 2020, it is the “Song You Don’t Know By Heart” video series. It’s been one of the audio visual media events of the year.

For singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, the concept was simple and unprecedented. He would tell the story behind one of his lesser-known songs and then perform it “unplugged.” The director and mysterious woman behind the project is filmmaker Delaney Buffett.

Talk about an interesting and thought-provoking interview. At times profound and other times more entertaining, it was great to get to know Delaney Buffett. Watch the video interview right here on The Paul Leslie Hour.

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2 thoughts to “Interview with Delaney Buffett”

  1. Very much enjoyed getting to know more about Delaney other than just that she talks to statues. I am very much a diehard Parrothead having seen her dad in concert 35 times but I have to say that the SYDKBH series took my appreciation of all things Buffett to another level. Delaney did an excellent job of prompting JB in such a way as to bring to life the stories behind the songs that we have always wanted to hear. I can’t wait to listen to the CD and do hope there will be more like it down the road.

    1. It’s a nice idea, and the album no doubt will be great, but concert goers have been hearing these wonderful tunes for years. They are hardly obscure.

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