Guitar Talk interview with Buffett, “Boat Shows” tour in 2021

Guitar Talk: “Jimmy Buffett on His Evolving Collection of Golden-Era Instruments“. The article mentions that Buffett is planning a series of socially distanced “boat shows” across the Southern U.S. coast in 2021.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time catching up with all my guitars down here in Pandemic-ville,” quips Jimmy Buffett, relaxing at his home studio in Palm Beach, Florida. “Y’know, if you’re lucky enough to get to that point where you’re on the road and you’ve got a little money, in any town you pull into you’re looking at and probably buying guitars. The thing is, I buy them when I’m on the road, and then I send them back home. Now, since I probably only bring five or six of my real workhorses with me on the road, these other great guitars sort of sit at home. Well, suddenly I find myself with the time to really enjoy playing and caring for these great instruments. That’s been a silver lining in this whole damn thing.”

Other gems from Buffett’s evolving collection include a 1951 Martin D-18 that he picked up in Paris and immortalized on his song “Rue de la Guitare”; a ca. 1887 Martin 0-28 that he played on “Tonight I Just Need My Guitar”; a cutaway Benedetto Andy 3/4-scale archtop that he likes to play through a Henriksen combo amp; an “incredibly loud-sounding” 1949 Epiphone Emperor that was a birthday gift from McAnally; and newer Martins, including a clutch of his own signature D-18s, the LX Jimmy Buffett “Little Marlin” Special Edition, and a “sweet” 000-28 with a built-in L.R. Baggs pickup system and tuner that Buffett plans to use for a series of socially distanced “boat shows” across the Southern U.S. coast in 2021.

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4 thoughts to “Guitar Talk interview with Buffett, “Boat Shows” tour in 2021”

    1. We love the stories! Thank you for taking the time to share the background!……a guitar…..a dog……oh yes…a boat!

  1. U should board the steel bird and come on down to Roatan Honduras..we are plenty of old “parrot heads” here.
    Me a Miami gal orginally have seen u ruck up in a few old locals years ago and we eould be honored for u to adorne our shores with your sounds and vibes..
    We are still “the banana republic” just more civalized now 🏝

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