7 thoughts to “Buffett performs in Camden NJ”

  1. Saw the show and the music was great, but don’t go to this venue unless you like abuse: $40.00 to park, more than the price of a lawn ticket; can’t bring your own water in even on the hottest day of the year in Jersey; can of beer is $15; and a shot of premium scotch is $25.

    Avoid Camden like the plague.

    1. Could not agree with you more. Way overpriced! Live Nation list that you can bring up to one gallon of water in a sealed container. I will say they were nice enough to let me pour one cup and take that in before they made me throw the rest of the gallon in the trash.

  2. I wonder if Jimmy reads the comments. I was in Camden and loved the show, as always, but I have an issue with the set list:

    Brown Eyed Girl
    Pencil Thin Mustache
    Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit
    It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere
    Come Monday

    One Particular Harbor
    Cheeseburger In Paradise
    Southern Cross

    Drop them. You have so many superb songs that parrotheads long to hear. Time to be adventurous.

  3. Really you want him to drop Margaritaville???? And I don’t won’t to be there when I can’t Hula Hula!

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