Buffett performs at Detroit area show

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band continued the 2021 Life on the Flip Side Tour with a show at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston MI (Detroit area) on Thursday night. The set list from the show is now available.

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5 thoughts to “Buffett performs at Detroit area show”

  1. I understand that certain songs must be performed at every concert, but there other great songs not being played.


    1. Seriously…do we still need to hear “Get Drunk” at every show after nearly 50 years? And if you want to hear Mac perform, go see Mac in concert. There’s a lot better material in Jimmy’s catalogue than is usually presented.

      1. So what, been there did that. Not my favorite song either, but that aside, we tailgated in the rain all day, met friends, laughed, hugged, and a a total BLAST w JB and the Coral Reefers. Its been a long Cabin Fever. We met lots of new fin friens.. so yep All songs are a MUST do. No reason required! Be Happy

  2. It WAS GREAT!!!! We tailgated in the rain all day. I would sit in snow. I know for sure I’d listen to a story he could tell. Yep songs are what they will be. I thought the show was amazing!!!! Long over due. Saw a dad and his young son in front of us…. controvrsial song yep. Reality! Youngster was fine. Maybe adults should worry less. My next show is Jacksonville!!! I am a true parrothead, If you arent ready for the whole gig and 9 yards, reconsider your concert adventures!!!!

  3. Ignore it if ya don’t like it. Or don’t go to the show. We loved it, Saw all age groups. It was a long couple yrs, if you are offended just don’t go next time.

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