One thought to “Tickets available for Florida Tour Dates”

  1. Jimmy, I have a concern. We have just completed a wonderful 17 days of travel and entertainment in Key West Florida at the ” PARTY AT THE END OF THE WORLD” PHIP’S MEETING OF THE MINDS. The Coral Reefers were scheduled to be part of the entertainment, but rumor has it that you threatened to fire any of them that showed up. We had a wonderful time with out them, but that is not the point. The point is that we raise money for various charities as PARROT HEADS, which are associated with your name.

    I now see that you have a tour scheduled that includes FLORIDA. now why would you do that and not allow your band play for an event that raises money for charities?

    I am so disappointed in you and your organization. You have a great name, why not work with those following in your foot steps?

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