Jimmy Buffett and the Zac Brown Band

Jimmy Buffett joined the Zac Brown Band at the Sunset Cove Amphitheatre in Boca Raton, Florida on Saturday November 14 along with Mac McAnally. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Buffett first met Zac Brown at the Bohemian Grove in San Francisco and Brown performed a few of his songs for Buffett. The Zac Brown Band is a country band from Atlanta, GA who have had hits including “Toes”, “Whatever It Is”, and “Chicken Fried”. (thanks to Bwana Paul for passing that along to us)

Mac McAnally Wins CMA Musician of the Year

From Margaritaville.com: Congratulations to Mac – CMA Musician of the Year! Mac was honored by his peers, as he was named Musician of the Year at the CMA Music Awards held in Nashville, Tennessee on November 11th! 2009 has been a big year for Mac, with a No. 1 hit and an acclaimed solo album release. Congratulations Mac!

“I’m very happy,” McAnally said during a telephone interview from Nashville. “I’m very grateful and thrilled. I’m particularly happy I was nominated in a category where I don’t have to go on a diet.”

Buffett autographed book Charity Auction

Jimmy Buffett has autographed a copy “Treasure Island” and it is up for auction on eBay. Proceeds to support the Hibiscus Children’s Center.

The Little Auction that Could: Big Names, Big Laughs, Big Cause
– If you were asked what childhood book made a lasting impression on you, what would you reply? Treasure Island? Green Eggs and Ham? Where the Wild Things Are? Or the iconic American classic The Little Engine That Could?

This very question was answered by over 80 celebrities. . . screen legends, sports stars, authors, musicians, philosophers and politicians . . .and the responses are as varied as the personalities who selected them (Jimmy Buffett and Sean Connery both love Treasure Island)!

Don’t miss this chance to support the Hibiscus Children’s Center.

Jimmy Confirmed for St. Barts 11/7

From St. Hazards: Jimmy Buffett to celebrate our friend’s 60th anniversary in St. Barths

Back in 1949, 60 years ago, our goof friend Marius Stakelborough started a small bar in St. Barths called LeSelect. It’s become one of the most popular and well-known bars in the Caribbean. Marius has also become good friends with us at St. Hazards and even made the 2,000 mile journey to visit in 2006.

The big party to celebrate the 60th will be Nov. 6, 7 and 8th. Jimmy Bufett and Marius also have become good friends since Jimmy lived on St. Barths many years ago. He’s even bringing his entire Coral Reefer Band to put on a free concert as part of the party. Here’s the first look at the poster for this concert plus a few photos of LeSelect. The photo of Jimmy was taken at one of the beaches on St. Barths. You can see the St. Hazards flag on the inside view of LeSelect.

Buffett Performs in Paris

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed at La Cigale in Paris France on Saturday night. This marked the third year in a row that Jimmy has performed in Paris. The past two years he performed at the New Morning Jazz Club. View the set list here.

Jimmy began the show with an acoustic solo version of “The Wino And I Know“. During the show a new song called “Chill The Rosé” debuted. During the encores Jimmy and the Coral Reefers performed “Autour Du Rocher“. Jimmy ended the show with a solo version of “He Went To Paris“.

Buffett’s New Non-Alchohol Brand Iced Tea

‘Paradise Key’ Iced Tea debuted to the public Monday night at
Landshark Stadium. Paradise Key by Margaritaville is a new line of ‘All Natural’ brewed teas.

The finest black, green and red teas are selected from around the
world and then brewed to perfection. Sweetened with just the right
amount of pure cane sugar and then flavored with real fruit. The
fruit named on the the label is actually in the bottle.

Available in four delicious flavors: Black Tea with Lemon; Tropical
Black Tea; Green Tea with Citrus; and Diet Peach Red Tea.

Whether you sip them them slowly while relaxing in your hammock or
gulp one down to quench your thirst after surfing, you are going to
love Paradise Key Iced Tea….from Margaritaville naturally!

Limited availability at store near you in the South East soon.