Nadirah Shakoor’s New Album

From Nadirah Shakoor: Well my friends I finally do have an official release date for “Nod to the Storyteller” of October 14, 2008! Who knew there would be so many little details to tend to? The art work has been the most time consuming. What do you think of the cover?

I must say that I am very proud of this particular collection of songs. Mr Buffett gave me the twinkling of the eyes smile after he listened (whew!) and I hope you all feel the same especially since you helped choose the music.

Some audio clips from album “Nod to the Storyteller” are now available:
Making Music for Money
When the War is Over” (featuring Jimmy Buffett)
Frenchman for the Night
Wonder Why You Ever Go Home
Let Him Go” (a song by Mac McAnally)

We will be celebrating the release at my Las Vegas Margaritaville show Friday October 24th, 2008 from 9pm until and of course you are all invited.

Again thank you all for showing so much Love and Support.

Little Feat’s New Album Out Today

Little Feat’s new CD “JOIN THE BAND” is officially released today. Jimmy Buffett is featured on two songs, “Champion of the World” and “Time Loves a Hero”. Some other songs on the album include performances by Coral Reefers Jim Mayer, Mac McAnally, Robert Greenidge, Ralph McDonald, and Michael Utley.

You can order “Join the Band” at “ gave away 10 copies of the CD in a recent contest. Thanks to all who entered.

Nadirah Shakoor’s Upcoming Album

Some information on Nadirah’s upcoming album is now available at YouTube:

Nadirah Shakoor live with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performing “Making Music for Money” from her up-coming CD “NOD TO THE STORYTELLER. Nadirah is the latest artist on Mr Buffett’s record label, Mailboat Records. The highly anticipated CD is a tribute to one of the great storytellers, Jimmy Buffett himself.

Another great storyteller Mac McAnally produced the CD which includes Nadirah’s rendition of two songs written by Mac when he was a teenager and two songs written by Nadirah.

“NOD TO THE STORYTELLER” also features some phenomenal players. Sonny Landreth and his band, The Coral Reefer Band, and Nadirah’s band “Outside Art” Mon soon come!

Audio Clips from Little Feat’s New Album

Little Feat’s New Album “JOIN THE BAND” will be released on August 26th on 429 Records (Savoy Label Group). Jimmy Buffett is featured on two songs on this great new album with his recordings of “Champion of the World” and “Time Loves a Hero”. Some other songs on the album include performances by Coral Reefers Jim Mayer, Mac McAnally, Robert Greenidge, Ralph McDonald, and Michael Utley.

Some audio clips from the album available are now available at

iTunes will be featuring this album exclusively starting on July 1st, which is 55 days prior to the physical release date of Aug. 26.

Pre-Order Little Feat’s “JOIN THE BAND” at

More Info on the New Little Feat Album

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers appear on many tracks on the next Little Feat album called “Join the Band”. Among the Reefers who appear are Mac McAnally, Robert Greenidge, Jim Mayer, Ralph McDonald, and Michael Utley. Little Feat’s Sam Clayton was the former CRB percussionist before Ralph McDonald joined the band. Visit the Little Feat website for more information.

Among the noteable credits:

Lead vocals: Paul Barrere, Jimmy Buffett

Lead vocals: Jimmy Buffett, Bill Payne
Pans: Robert Greenidge (Coral Reefer Band)

Background vocals: Mac McAnally, Bill Payne, Michael Utley

Guitars: Sony Landreth slide guitar

Keyboards: Bill Payne piano; Michael Utley B-3
Bass: Jim Mayer standup bass & slap

Percussion: Sam Clayton congas; Ralph McDonald (Coral Reefer Band) shakers
Slide Guitar: Sonny Landreth

Keyboards Bill Payne piano; Mac McAnally B-3 (McAnally on ORGAN!!!)
Percussion Ralph MacDonald tambourine & triangle

Billboard Interview

Billboard has an interview with Jimmy Buffett on what he has been up to lately and his upcoming plans: “Buffett Busy With Live DVD, Tour, Kids Book

Jimmy Buffett is in “no hurry” to make his next album, but he still has plenty to offer his faithful Parrotheads this year.

Buffett is also developing albums for younger artists, including Coral Reefer Band backup singer Nadirah Shakoor, for his Mailboat label. And his Year of Still Here Tour starts tomorrow at Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta.

As for that next album, the follow-up to 2006’s “Take the Weather With You,” Buffett says that “the time it takes to write a book kind of produces an offshoot of you [wanting] to go back to something else.”

He adds that he’s been “listening to different things that inspire me musically, but I’m in no hurry to do (an album). I am writing songs; it’ll be interesting to see if I wait and get a collection of 12 of them together to do an album or go do four and put ’em online or something. The delivery systems now … it’s very interesting how you can put stuff out there, so we’ll see what feels like the best way to do it.”
Yesterday (June 3), Buffett released a new DVD, “Scenes You Know By Heart,” that will be sold exclusively by Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club and the Web site of the artist’s Mailboat Records.

“We shoot everything,” Buffett tells, “and somebody had an idea to do one like this. It’s kind of a unique platform in which to feature little vignettes from all over the place. It’s National Geographic with a good soundtrack — that’s what I consider it.”