USA Today Article on Buffet Hotel

USA Today has an interview “Jimmy Buffett releases new ‘Buffet’ album

At first glance, you might think Jimmy Buffett’s new album, out Tuesday, is called Buffett Hotel. Like his name. But look closer. There’s only one T.

“People say, ‘What’s the Buffett Hotel?’ I say, ‘Buffet.'” People have been mispronouncing Jimmy’s last name as Buff-ay instead of Buff-it for a long time, he told me when he called recently from Manhattan. “It used to really piss me off. Twice, he remembers, his name was misspelled on his own albums by his own record label in his early career. He admits that some of his lawyers still have trouble getting it right. “It’s been an ongoing thing.”

In the booklet that accompanies the CD, Jimmy writes that he doesn’t see himself ever getting old and sitting on a cruise ship deck chair. “I’d rather be lost in the Sahara,” he writes.

Buffett’s New Album Buffet Hotel

Jimmy Buffett’s new album “Buffet Hotel” gets released today.

The Miami Herald has an interview with Jimmy: “Trip to Africa inspires Buffett

Q: For years we’ve fought over the spelling of your name. With this album title, you’ve set our cause back 40 years.

Buffett: [Laughs.] I saw this sign and thought it would be fun to play with it. It’s been a pet peeve of mine back to the days when I was playing clubs. People would come up and ask, `Where’s the food?’ `No, no. No food. That’s me.’

Q: Did the trip to Africa inspire the music?

Buffett: The trip to Africa was one of the musical highlights of my life. It lit a fire under me as a songwriter. [But] the inspiration was more technological. Everyone uses [Pro Tools], and I am an older person but my mind is inclusive enough to want to know of these things. I was able to do the vocals at my leisure. I call it the red-wine vocals. I was never one to spend a lot of time [in the studio.] Maybe to my detriment. I’m a capture-the-magic kinda guy as opposed to working it to death. I got other s— to do!

Buffet Hotel Lyrics and Reviews

The lyrics for the songs on Jimmy Buffett’s new album “Buffet Hotel” are now available in our Song & Lyrics database (thanks to Nancy for helping to transcribe the lyrics).

You can purchase Buffet Hotel for only $7.99 at

Some reviews of Buffet Hotel are starting to come in: “Jimmy Buffett tells tales of home on ‘Buffet Hotel’
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New album to be previewed on RM Monday

There will be a Buffet Hotel radio special on Radio Margaritaville this Monday December 7th at 11:00 am Eastern time. This will be the same kind of show Jimmy did for his last album where each song is played in full and Jimmy tells the story behind it.

The radio special will be air on the following dates and times on RM:

Monday 12/7 at 11:00pm Eastern
December 8 at 5:00 pm Eastern
December 11 at 9:00 pm Eastern
December 12 at 11:00 am Eastern

The audio liner notes will also be available on beginning December 8th!

Jimmy Buffett’s new album “Buffet Hotel” will be release on December 8th. It is available for pre-order at for $7.99.

Billboard Article about Buffet Hotel

Billboard has an interview with Jimmy on his upcoming new album: “Jimmy Buffett Goes Back To Roots For ‘Hotel’

Jimmy Buffett says he felt a greater level of engagement on his new album, “Buffet Hotel,” than he has on many of his other recent efforts.

“With a band this good and with people this good around you, you kind of get in a routine,” Buffett tells, acknowledging that previous “listening and fixing” was done primarily by Coral Reefer Band collaborators Mike Utley and Mac McAnally.

Buffett is planning a full-scale “Buffet Hotel” tour for 2010 and intends to start the year in Australia and the Pacific Rim. He’s toying with the idea of playing entire albums next year and hopes to play 1983’s “One Particular Harbor” in Tahiti. He’s also putting into motion into a special performance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival with “Buffet Hotel” guests Sonny Landreth and Toumani Diabate. And while he says that he’s “out of the movie business” at the moment, Buffett is working on a documentary about his trip to Mali with director Margaret Brown.

Buffett also has two books in the works, a collection of short stories set in the Pacific and “a rock ‘n’ roll novel” called “Mudbath” that is “based on a real-life adventure, but hopefully you won’t recognize any of the characters.”