New book “INDIGO ABYSS” now available

John H. Cunningham has released another exciting book “INDIGO ABYSS“, #9 in the Buck Reilly Caribbean Adventure series.

Synopsis: The times we are living in have forced Buck Reilly to question his purpose in life. Once a world-renowned archeologist and treasure hunter who lost everything, Buck had fled to Key West to operate Last Resort Charter and Salvage aboard a pair of antique amphibious aircraft. 

Finally tired of being broke, Buck digs out his old maps, clues, and research to some of the world’s most lucrative missing treasures to start afresh. Until one of his worst enemies shows up to demand help in finding the missing Queen’s Dowry that sank with eleven Spanish Galleons in 1715 off Florida’s east coast. They have his brother hostage and will kill him if Buck refuses or fails. 

The ensuing odyssey pits him against the people who had cost him his former success, family, wealth, and led to his self-exile to Key West. But there is no escaping this time. The rocky road takes a surprise and brutal path that leads to mind blowing discoveries and a life-or-death confrontation that blows Buck’s reclusive world irrevocably apart.

John H. Cunningham’s new book: The Last Raft

John H. Cunningham, author of the popular island-hopping Buck Reilly adventure series, has a new novel out today sure to please historical fiction and political enthusiasts alike. Blending history, politics and the power of the human spirit, Cunningham’s latest novel, The Last Raft explores America’s perennially fraught relationship with immigration, and with Cuba – both of which have been exploited for political gain for decades, at the expense of the people from both nations.

Five desperate people flee Cuba aboard a homemade raft following the exodus of 100,000 countrymen. Their collective desperation is woven into a complicated, yet beautiful imbroglio of faith, dreams and desire that in the end will unite or destroy them all.

From a vengeful despot, to self-serving politicians, to everyday people willing to risk everything to start a new life, Cunningham’s characters blend compelling fictional and historical figures. They include:

Juan –Initiating the journey, he sells lies to convince the others to join him on the raft.

Senator Spinelli, who manipulates the emotions of Cuban American dreamers for self-enrichment and power.

Fidel Castro – A double-dealing despot who will stop at nothing to avenge the exodus.

President Winslow –who risks the pinnacle of success to change the future.

Terri Turner – the president’s shrewd Chief of Staff goes into the lion’s den to negotiate what nobody else has been able to do since the Cuban Revolution.

John H. Cunningham is the author of the bestselling, eight book, Buck Reilly adventure series, which includes Red Right Return, Green to Go, Crystal Blue, Second Chance Gold, Maroon Rising, Free Fall to Black, Silver Goodbye and White Knight. With a degree in International Relations from the University of Maryland, John writes stories showcasing many settings that he loves, including Key West, Cuba, Jamaica and multiple Caribbean locations. John splits his time between New York, Virginia and Key West.

The Last Raft is available on Amazon.

Chip Bell’s new book “Gypsies in the Palace”

Gypsies in the Palace” by Chip Bell is now available at (the 15th book of the Jake Sullivan Series)

Jake Sullivan is back.

After waking from his coma and rehabilitating his mind and body, he heads to Key West with Mike Lang to combat a new threat.

But he is still plagued with severe headaches, lack of focus, and trouble remembering important details of the night he was shot.

A late night assault at his office turns out to be the catalyst that allows him to concentrate and focus once again. Although the headaches are gone, he still cannot remember the thing he knows to be the key to everything!

At the same time, he and Mike are hunting for a deadly toxin threatening the Keys, a hunt that ultimately leads them to the Bahamas and to the discovery of who is friend and who is foe.

Key West author John H. Cunningham returns with a new Buck Reilly adventure

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting another Bucky Reilly Adventure, head on over to Amazon, because the wait is over. Buckle up, WHITE KNIGHT, the eighth book in John H. Cunningham’s action-packed, thrill-seeking series finds Buck on the run for his life with Giselle Huibert, the youngest French First Lady in history.

Buck’s vacation in the Virgin Islands goes downhill fast when he witnesses a helicopter crash over the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Buck races to the rescue, but the lone survivor—a beautiful woman—has amnesia. When Buck learns the woman is the First Lady of France, who fled her husband while at the G8 Summit on St. Thomas for reasons she cannot remember, Buck has no choice but to try and help her. However, Giselle refuses to let him call the police—even when it becomes clear that men intending to kill them are hot on their trail.

When Giselle remembers the horrifying assault she witnessed her husband and his head of security commit, and the events that led to her helicopter crashing, she and Buck are forced to flee throughout the Virgin Islands, with no one to trust but a group of unlikely heroes.

Fueled by their mutual passion, revenge against her husband, and their quest for the truth, Buck and Giselle turn the tables on their pursuers, but the final showdown rocks them to their core and challenges everything they believed to be true.

The eBook edition of White Knight is currently available for just $0.99 for a limited time only.

New Book from Chip Bell: “Cuban Crime of Passion”

The 14th book of the Jake Sullivan Series, “Cuban Crime of Passion” by Chip Bell is now available for order (available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle format)

Summary from the author:

Mike Lang is on a mission… a mission of revenge.As his best friend, Jake Sullivan, remains in a coma, near death, Mike is on a hunt for his assailant, the Leader of Group 45.Traveling to Cuba, he seeks out an old friend for help, only to find that it is his help that is needed.Trying to discover the plot behind a new biological weapon and watching his back, as he closes in on the Leader, Mike is forced to confront old ghosts and new dangers.Passions run hot as a final confrontation will only allow one survivor.

The Jake Sullivan Series Media Guide

Author Chip Bell has just introduced a new Digital Media Guide for his Jake Sullivan Series. It contains a trove of information on all the Jake Sullivan novels through the spring of 2020 as well as other information, including links to two new songs written about the series: “Topical Crimes in Tropical Climes” by Eric Stone and “Trouble in Paradise: The Ballad of Jake Sullivan” by Donny Brewer, plus much more! The link for the Media Guide is:

New Book from Chip Bell: “We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About”

The 13th edition of the Jake Sullivan Series, “We are the People Our Parents Warned Us About“, is now available at Amazon (paperback or kindle edition).

Summary from the author:

“Everything’s changed.” So says Jake Sullivan as he recalls his recent past.

Dealing with private and professional turmoil, Jake, and his best friend, Mike Lang, find themselves on the hunt in Key West, trying to unravel an assassination plot in this tropical paradise.

Only here could a high school reunion, a Vice-President Elect, and thousands of Parrotheads attending a Meeting Of The Minds, all play a part in their attempts to take down an evil mastermind.

And, only at the final confrontation, will Jake discover just how treacherous change has become.