Swine Not Review

The Times-Picayune has a review of Jimmy’s new book: “In Jimmy Buffett’s novel, a pig takes Manhattan” by Susan Larson

Jimmy Buffett — singer, songwriter, novelist, memoirist — has told his share of whoppers and fish stories in the past, but his new novel, “Swine Not?” ventures into meaty territory as a pig and her family take up residence in a posh New York hotel where no exotic pets are allowed.

“Swine Not? A Novel Pig Tale” by Jimmy BuffetThis idea comes from collaborator Helen Bransford, whose pet stars in the amusing photo illustrations that appear in the book. “Swine Not?” is a long way from Margaritaville, but it’s a nice place to visit.

You can purchase Swine Not? at Amazon.com

Buffett on the Today Show – Video on MSNBC

Jimmy Buffett appearred on the Today Show this morning to talk about his new book “Swine Not?“.

A video clip of his appearance is available on MSNBC: “Jimmy Buffett pens a pig’s (funny) tale (Joined by friends Helen Bransford and Pinkie, “Margaritaville” songwriter Jimmy Buffett chats with TODAY’s Meredith Vieira about his new novel, “Swine Not?”)

The fun of the book extended to the photo shoot for its cover when the model pig — Forkie, who is Pinkie’s brother — took a couple of nips at Mr. Cheeseburger in Paradise. Buffett even acknowledged to Vieira that the pig was digitally inserted into the final cover art. “He got a little restless,” Buffett recalled. “He got a little camera-shy. You know, I understand that. Show business puts a lot of pressure on a pig.”

The Today Show’s website has an excerpt from the book: Jimmy Buffett’s novel asks, ‘Swine Not?’

Best-selling musician and author Jimmy Buffett crafts a colorful tale about an unusually clever pig in “Swine Not.” Here’s an excerpt.

About This Book: Sometimes you have to find the story, and sometimes the story finds you. In all my previous fiction, the stories were rooted in this nomad life I live. I converted my real life experiences into fictional fun and made up a few more tales myself — always keeping a bit of mystery as to what was based on reality and what had sprung from my imagination. Faulkner said he was a liar by profession, and he made good money at it. However, in the case of Swine Not?, the story came to me.

One day our friend Helen Bransford brought over a manuscript she had written and some illustrations that went with it. She asked me to look at them. I know the basic story, and everyone who knew Helen did, too.

Read the complete excerpt at MSNBC

Early Review of Swine Not?

Beverly Metzger-Kleinman managed to get an advance copy of Jimmy Buffett’s upcoming book titled “Swine Not?” and she put together a short review.

Great Summer Reader for the entire family … Parrotheads lets push this to # 1

Swine Not? is a suprising good read … While it is not “Where is Joe Merchant”, or “A Salty Piece of Land”, more often it reminds the reader of “Tales from Margaritaville”. It is definitely worth the read. Something the adult ParrotHeads can read (and enjoy) and share with their young Parrotkeets.

Early on Jimmy did a book with Savannah. This begs the suggestion that not only is this a good story but something that Delaney and Cameron (being teenagers) can understand, appreciate, and enjoy.

When the family uproots themselves and moves to New York so Mom Ellie can take a job at a prestige Manhattan Hotel (the perfect place for her Volcano Cakes lava to flow), so Barley can play on the youth team for the Red Bulls (her favorite team), and Maple (the other twin) can be near and study her favorite clothing designer Karen Wu. This leaves Rumpy, (the pig) who was the goal tending champion in their old home town of Vertigo Tennessee hiding in the closet because the wicked Monsieur Boucher (Ellie’s Boss) got the hotel to outlaw to exotic pets in the hotel. So the story begins …

No this tale does not end on a ship sailing majestically into the sunset but with this tale Mr. Buffett proves he really did study journalism and deserved his degree.

A delightful summer read for the entire family.
Thanks Jimmy!