Parrot Heads Documentary Video / DVD

The Parrot Heads Documentary is now available for Video On Demand at the outlets below! The DVD will be available February 17 and can be pre-ordered at Mailboat Records. This heartfelt, feature length documentary features never before seen interviews and footage of Jimmy Buffett and the in-depth world and lives of all of his most FINtastic fans!

DVD Pre-order at Mailboat Records

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The best of the 2011 Las Vegas Jimmy Buffett concerts will be released June 19th as a two disc set in either the DVD/CD or Blu-ray/CD.

CD Track Listing:
1. Viva Las Vegas
2. Brown Eyed Girl
3. License To Chill
4. Pencil Thin Mustache
5. Off To See The Lizard
6. Life Is Just A Tire Swing
7. Bama Breeze
8. Gypsies In The Palace
9. It’s Midnight And I’m Not Famous Yet
10. Grapefruit Juicy Fruit
11. School Boy Heart
12. Changes In Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
13. One Particular Harbour
14. Fins

DVD Track Listing:
1. Viva Las Vegas
2. Brown Eyed Girl
3. License to Chill
4. Off To See The Lizard
5. Life Is Just A Tire Swing
6. Bama Breeze
7. Gypsies In The Palace
8. It’s Midnight And I’m Not Famous Yet
9. Knee Deep
10. Back Where I Come From
11. Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
12. One Particular Harbour
13. Fins
14. Defying Gravity
15. Elvis Presley Blues

Scenes You Know By Heart – DVD

From Jimmy Buffett is releasing a very special new music video DVD, “Scenes You Know By Heart,” on June 3, 2008. Pre-order today at Mailboat Records!

Jimmy’s CD,” Songs You Know By Heart,” came out in 1985, and has sold over six million copies. Jimmy chose the best live performances of those songs from his concerts all over the world for this unique DVD. Says Jimmy, “If you think about it, looking at the show on video is really the only way I get to see what you see. I have spent many enjoyable hours watching you and us have fun and have put together these scenes you know by heart.” Visit Mailboat Records for more information and a list of songs included on this special DVD.