Interview with Buffett in the Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle has an article “Getting down to business with Buffett” by Ken Hoffman (follow Ken on Twitter @KenChronicle)

Most of the conversation is about Buffett’s online contest, “This One’s Really For You Sweepstakes,” where fans can create a set list for their fantasy Buffett concert. Buffett will play the 27 most popular songs at an invitation-only show April 1. He’s not fooling.

Performing an intimate concert in Key West and beaming it worldwide presents challenges.

From Nashville, we hear that the San Carlos has a grand piano on its stage and the theater doesn’t want to move it.

Buffett says no problem, keyboardist Michael Utley will play the house piano.

Buffett’s daughter, Savannah, will host a pre-concert show, talking with fans on Higgs Beach in Key West. Buffett asks if she will do beach cutaways during the concert.

Sisson says no. “She told us, ‘My dad is doing a concert in Key West, it may be the last one he does there, and I’m going to be in that building watching him.’ So no cutaways from the beach.”

Buffett appears touched. “She really said that?” Then he laughs. “I guess I’ll keep her in the will.”

Buffett mentions that he’s planning a visit to Cuba in the next few weeks. Someone asks if he’s thinking about opening a Margaritaville Café in Havana.

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Billboard Article on Margaritaville TV has a news article: “Jimmy Buffett Launches Margaritaville TV

Jimmy Buffett has found a new way to feed the Parrotheads this year: Margaritaville TV.

The new online channel streams select Buffett concerts live and, Buffett tells Billboard, has netted about 10,000 viewers for each of its seven broadcasts so far. “The feedback from that has been unbelievable,” says Buffett. “There was one element of my inner circle that thought we’d be cannibalizing ourselves by going on television. But I played my instincts, and I haven’t had one person say they’ll watch it instead of going to the show. They do both. They watch the (online) shows and get charged up to go see it in person. And there are other people that can’t get to a show that absolutely love the fact we’re doing it. My friends in Bora Bora now can punch (the shows) up on the screen and watch it while they’re having dinner. It makes it a Parrothead world now, not just a nation.” And, Buffett adds, “I think it’s the way you’re going to get to see us in the future. The number of shows is going down. We’re taking off a little more time every year. We’re not going anywhere, but this way people can make it to any show, even if we’re not playing around where they are.”

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Interview with Jimmy on the Detroit Show

Deadline Detroit has a good interview: “Jimmy Buffett Talks About His Fondness for Michigan and Detroit

The ever-popular Jimmy Buffett, who plays at Comerica Park Saturday night, tells Fox 2 of his affinity for Detroit and Michigan.

“Michigan audiences have always had a special place in my heart, because, unbeknownst to a lot of people, I started out many many years ago playing in a little club called the Raven Gallery out in Southfield.”

“We worked our way up through those years of clubs and places like that to where we actually got to open for Jerry Jeff Walker at Pine Knob. And then we got to be the headliner at Pine Knob. It’s still one of the great venues as a performer because of the way it was built.

He said there’s no other place on tour where he plays in the middle of a large metropolitan area.

And he adds: “We don’t do many stadiums.

It’s his third year in a row at Comerica.

He says he understands the musical taste of the people of Michigan and feels very comfortable here.

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USA Today article on the new album

USA Today has an interview with Jimmy Buffett on his new album: ‘I like this one a lot’

Jimmy Buffett is being his usual low-key self.

“I like this one a lot,” he says, standing backstage in Bristow, Va., before his Saturday show. He’s talking about his new album, Songs from St. Somewhere, out Tuesday. It’s his 27th studio album.

Although it was recorded in various somewheres, including Key West; Nashville; Muscle Shoals, Ala.; Austin; Miami; St. Barts; and London, Buffett says, “We just made it like an old album.”

And like many of his albums, this one is a diverse collection — a little bit country, a lot surfer and even a touch of Spanish flair.

The first single, already out, is his duet with Toby Keith, Too Drunk to Karaoke. “That’s the popular one,” says Buffett, 66. But he adds with a grin, “I think there are better songs.”

Such as? “Einstein was a Surfer is probably my favorite.” He also mentions “a little song” called Rue de la Guitare. “It’s pretty cool.”

The album was “six years in the making,” says Buffett. “I wanted to go back to writing songs because I’ve been busy doing other things. I was working on a book — a travel book. And I decided I’m going to put the time I would normally put into a book into songs.”

He plans to perform the entire album in December in Waikiki, Hawaii. “That’s the first half of the show.” For the second half, he’ll play a set list submitted by a fan.

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Time Magazine interview with Jimmy

From “A Conversation with Jimmy Buffett

This album seems to be less about hangovers and frozen cocktails and more about stories and song lines. Was that the idea going in?

I’ve always said I don’t find stories from talking about them, but if you can listen and hear and look around you and be observant, that ability — along with the chance to record in a place like St. Barts that’s been conducive to creativity — made it work. And I like albums that have a musical thread, a story thread. There’s 16 songs on this thing, but when you own the record company and you don’t have a lot to prove, you put them all on there! As Ry Cooder said, “You don’t know what the public’s gonna buy,” but I’m happy with it and proud of all the people who contributed to it.

The title is a full-circle thing too.

Yeah, “St. Somewhere” came from Derek Sanderson’s bar in Boston [Buffett’s 1979 track “Boat Drinks” was inspired by a late-night Boston winter cab ride, minus the cabbie; it features the line “I gotta fly to St. Somewhere”]. I’m a full-circle guy, I like to complete a story, go back to where it came from.

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Buffett performs in Ft Lauderdale, will begin work on New Album

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed last night at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL (near Ft Lauderdale). The show was a continuation of the “Lounging at the Lagoon” tour, the set list from the show is now available.

In an interview on Radio Margaritaville before the Ft Lauderdale show Jimmy mentioned he will be going back into the studio after the Florida tour to record a new album. The working title for the new album will be called “Songs from St Somewhere“, and that will also be the name of the new tour which begins in April.

The Florida tour continues on Tuesday Feb 5th in Pensacola FL, and on Thursday Feb 7th in Jacksonville FL, and then a private show in Orlando.

(photo from the front row courtesy Steve)

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Buffett talks about Australia …

An article at mentions Buffett will be doing two acoustic shows in September of this year and plans to return for a bigger tour down under next year. Buffett also discusses his fall from the stage last year, and the new Margaritaville that will open in Sydney in November 2012.

Margaritaville singer Jimmy Buffett returns to play in Australia after Sydney stage fall declaring ‘I wasn’t drunk‘”

SINGER-songwriter Jimmy Buffett has revealed he was lucky he didn’t kill himself when he tumbled off the stage during a Sydney show.

The US veteran, best known for his hits Margaritaville and Cheeseburger in Paradise, landed badly, cut his head open and was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital after falling while trying to shake the hand of a fan and missing the edge of the stage at the Hordern Pavilion show in 2011.

”I just walked off,” he said.

”I wasn’t drunk and whoever I was waving to wasn’t that pretty. I was banged up pretty bad and I was very lucky.

”I think what saved me is that I had been surfing a lot the week before and I was in pretty fair shape so I rolled when I hit. If I had gone flat-faced, God knows what would have happened.”

Buffett is returning to play in Australia for the first time since the accident next month for intimate, acoustic shows in Melbourne and Brisbane, ahead of a bigger tour next year.

It will be a working holiday for the laid-back singer, whose daughter is studying at the University of New South Wales, and who will open one of his Margaritaville chain restaurants in Sydney’s Darling Harbour in November.

He has rewritten his signature tune, Margaritaville, to reflect his dice with death Down Under.

”I have put the whole episode into the last verse and chorus,” he said.

”I got permission from my wife and daughter to play a couple of little shows over there in Melbourne and Brisbane – I can’t wait for the reaction from Down Under to the song they had something to do with.”

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