USA Weekend Interview with Jimmy

USA Weekend Magazine has an nice interview: “Jimmy Buffett: No trouble in paradise
This summer, the music legend is back playing to sold-out stadiums. Here, he reveals how 40 years on the road have strengthened his family — and his ever-growing empire.

When Jimmy Buffett was trying to come up with a name for his annual tour, he got together with a group of buddies and bandmates to brainstorm. “We said, ‘What are we going to call this after 40 years? What do we do now that we’re still here?’ ” he says. “And that became this summer’s motto: The Year of Still Here.” …

But, despite appearances, Buffett is more than just an aging, flip-flop-wearing, margarita-soaked legend. He’s a wistful dad of two teenagers, thinking a few years ahead about life after kids. He’s also a romantic rock star who has defied the odds by staying married for 30 years (although he and wife Jane separated for seven years in the ’80s), the author of seven books (including a new novel, “Swine Not?”) and a concerned American who says our government has made a “mess” of things.

Buffett, describing himself as “an old hippie” and “Southern radical,” says now, “I’m an Obama person.” …

No, instead, he became a multimillionaire brand, with everything from his own Margaritaville flip-flops and blenders to themed restaurants and casinos (including two in the works in Atlantic City and Katrina-ravaged Biloxi, Miss.). In 2006, “Rolling Stone” ranked him as the seventh richest rock star of the year, estimating that he made $44 million. When he was in St. Barts last winter, he ran into an old chum who complimented him on one of his products: “Steven Spielberg waved me over and wanted to ask me a boat question and told me how much he liked my beer.”

Read the entire interview here and enter a contest to Win a trip to Parrothead heaven!

Jimmy Buffett Interview on Rock Band

As has been mentioned on this site already it was known Jimmy Buffett now has three songs (Margaritaville, Volcano, and Cheeseburger in Paradise) that are available for purchase online through the xbox360 as well as the playstation3 for the video game Rock Band. Though the songs came out a few weeks ago, today the official Rock Band website just put up their very first audio interview, and the interviewee was none other than Mr. Buffett himself.

You can find the audio interview here:

Buffett on Buffett: ‘I made people smile’

From USA Today: Jimmy Buffett shares his view of the world through music, books and casual conversations with strangers. USA TODAY bounced some questions off the troubadour on behalf of his fans. Read the article here: “Buffett on Buffett” and Parrotheads hear call of Margaritaville

Q: What are you going to do when you retire? What could possibly be as much fun as performing?

A: As long as I can remember the words and not go flat, I will still sing. I look at Harry Belafonte and (Frank) Sinatra in the late ages, and there is a magic on that stage that very few people get to experience. I’m going to enjoy every day.

Q: What do you want the world to remember about you?

A: I made people smile, and I was lucky enough to live the American dream.