Coral Reefer cannabis brand

Coral Reefer launch begins in Florida on April 19th

From PR Newswire: “Jimmy Buffett and Surterra Wellness Launch Cannabis Brand, Coral Reefer

Surterra Wellness (Surterra), one of the nation’s fastest growing health and wellness companies, will officially kick-off the national launch of the Coral Reefer™ cannabis brand, a range of wellness-focused cannabis products and lifestyle merchandise, in Florida on April 19. The highly anticipated Coral Reefer brand will initially be exclusively distributed through the more than 20 Surterra Wellness Centers located in most major cities throughout Florida, and will roll-out in other states, including California and Nevada, by mid-summer 2019.

“It never dawned on me that Coral Reefer would be anything other than a cool name for a tropical band born out of the Key West lifestyle in the mid-70s,” singer, songwriter and best-selling author, Jimmy Buffett said. “But life is supposed to be about having fun and staying healthy enough to enjoy it. I think Coral Reefer will help a lot of folks do that.”

Surterra Wellness developed Coral Reefer in collaboration with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer team based on a landmark global licensing deal. The new Coral Reefer cannabis brand aims to enhance peoples’ lives while representing the carefree, relaxed roots of Key West. The launch of Coral Reefer represents a new approach of bringing cannabis and lifestyle products to consumers through an exclusive collaboration with an established, iconic, global brand.

“Launching Coral Reefer marks another exciting and transformative milestone for Surterra Wellness in a period of rapid growth,” said Surterra Chairman and CEO William “Beau” Wrigley, Jr. “The Coral Reefer brand reflects our intention to give consumers access to high-quality wellness and cannabis-based products through best-in-class partnerships with people and organizations that reflect our standards and values. Jimmy and his team share our commitment to quality and the belief that individuals can find personal wellness through the relief enhancing benefits and healing properties of cannabis.”

At launch, Coral Reefer will offer a selection of cannabis-based product formulas available in both disposable and reusable battery vaporizer formats and branded merchandise, including hats and t-shirts. The uniquely designed vape pen called the TideRider™ embodies the spirit of the brand with a sleek surfboard design, variable temperature controls and advanced ceramic coil technology for a clean and consistent vaping experience. All branded products feature the new signature Coral Reefer logo, a distinctive tropical design and Key West-inspired colors.

Later this year, the Coral Reefer brand plans to extend its product line to include edibles, topicals, pre-rolls, and CBD only formulas, inspired by tropical summer days. The expanded product selection will provide alternative ways to access the beneficial effects of cannabis, offering even more ways to unwind, relax and de-stress.

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Coral Reefer Brand Cannabis Products coming in April 2019

Jimmy Buffett has licensed the “Coral Reefer” brand to Surterra, a medical marijuana company that is licensed in Florida and Texas. A new web site has launched called that has more information on vape pens, vaporizer pods, batteries and other products that will be available for purchase exclusively at Surterra Wellness Centers in April 2019.

The Coral Reefer brand was born out of music, sunshine, salty air, and good vibes. So when the winds of change started blowing and more and more states made cannabis legal, we wanted to create products to enhance peoples’ lives and represent the roots of Key West.

“It never dawned on me that Coral Reefer would be anything other than a cool name for a tropical band born out of the lifestyle in Key West in the mid 70’s.” Jimmy Buffett

Coral Reefer products bring fun to the functional benefits of cannabis. Our carefully crafted blends combine natural terpenes and flavonoids that optimize beneficial effects and provide complementary mild, natural flavors..

Whether you’re looking for the MELLOW EFFECTS of a Low Tide experience or THE POWER of a Tsunami, our disposable vaporizer pens will set you on a course for smooth sailing. If a rechargeable pen is more your speed, our TideRider brings a unique style that will keep you surfing the seas all season long.

he custom flavor profiles – margarita, creamy key lime, spiced rum cake and minty mojito – are inspired by our Key West origins and the neighboring islands where we like to roam. Our CBD-to-THC ratio-based formulations range from mild to high intensity and may be beneficial to people looking for everything from pain relief to mood management to full body relaxation.

Kick off your flip-flops and join us on this tropical journey!

Good for the body. Good for the soul.

New Margaritaville and LandShark Cigarware

The Lotus Group and Vertigo by Lotus, in partnership with Lifestyle Brands, LLC, will make a splash at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association convention this July with a new line of co-branded Margaritaville and LandShark cigarware. As the exclusive global licensee for Margaritaville and LandShark cigarware, the company will debut pocket, table, waterproof and extendable lighters, cigar cutters and ashtrays that include lyrics from Jimmy Buffett.

“Our team is honored and excited to partner with Lifestyle Brands, LLC to create products for a laid-back lifestyle,” said Rosemary Sharp, president of Lotus Group. “We’ve taken some popular phrases our customers associate with Margaritaville, such as ‘Fins Up!’, ‘It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere’, ‘No Working During Drinking Hours’ and ‘Work like a Captain, Play like a Pirate’, and incorporated them into our cigarware, creating a unique and fun-filled product experience.”

Margaritaville and LandShark cigarware is shipping now and available at many tobacconist shops across the United States.

Download the Margaritaville Catalog 2018

Jimmy Buffett talks about the Margaritaville Brand and Footwear

From Footwear News: “How to Build a Multibillion-Dollar Brand, According to Jimmy Buffett

You won’t find Margaritaville on any map, but it is taking over the globe.

A little over 40 years ago, singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett released his hit album “Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes,” featuring a catchy tune about wasting away in a tropical locale. In the ensuing decades, the pop song has been transformed into a roughly $2.5 billion licensing and hospitality operation.

Margaritaville Holdings encompasses everything from restaurants and hotels to apparel and shoes. Here in New York, it debuted a Broadway musical in January — “Escape to Margaritaville” — and a Times Square hotel is in the works for 2020.

Buffett is deeply invested in all these endeavors. When FN visited him in the green room at the show in April, Buffett was peering out the window watching the lines outside. And he made a point of mentioning that the cast wears his Margaritaville footwear onstage.

For fall ’18, the company is further boosting its shoe selection with a new label called Island Reserve. It will be a higher-end complement to the Margaritaville collection, which is stocked at major chains such as Famous Footwear and DSW, and sells for under $60.

How would you describe the Jimmy Buffett brand?
“It’s authentic because I lived this way for a long time. I went where it was cold to work when I had
to, but I would prefer to stay where it’s warm. And when I found Key West, I had a job singing in bars and working on fishing boats. And at that time, I thought it was pretty cool to do that.”

Have you enjoyed being in the theater business?
“It’s been a wonderful experience with a joyous cast. When I first started my band, we wanted to take people to a place where they could forget about stuff, and it’s the same thing with ‘Escape to Margaritaville.’ But there are some fun-police in New York that think we don’t belong there, but we’re doing just fine. People love the show. They go there and have a great time, and so to hell with The New York Times.”

What do you hope your legacy will be?
“I like to think I’ve made the world a little happier than it was before I got here. I’m not looking for awards and personal gain more than what I’ve already got. There’s an old French saying, ‘noblesse oblige,’ which means if you’re lucky enough to have this, then you help other people get there. I want to teach and I want to help kids who need financial aid getting into school – education is the thing that gets you places.

St. Somewhere Wine Club

Penrose Hill and Margaritaville, the global lifestyle brand synonymous with fun and escapism, have partnered to launch a new wine club, transporting members to a vacation state of wine. St. Somewhere Wine Club by Margaritaville features monthly delivery of premium bottles from around the world inspired by the Margaritaville lifestyle.

Every month, experts in vacations and vines hand select six award-winning bottles to send. Members have the flexibility to personalize each shipment, continually update their preferences or skip a month at any time.

For a limited time, new members can dip their toes in the water with a sample box of three wines for $15, plus tax and $4.95 shipping. Following the introductory offer, members may continue with the club and receive six bottles of wine every month for $89.99 plus tax (free shipping included).

To join the St. Somewhere Wine Club by Margaritaville or for additional information, visit www.StSomewhere.Club

Margaritaville to Launch Women’s Swimwear Line

From “Margaritaville Launches Swim Line

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville brand — which already offers home decor, beachwear and accessories — will extend its reach to a new, and rather obvious, category for resort: women’s swimwear.

Cathy Hernandez, the company’s newly-appointed vice president of swimwear who previously spent 11 years developing Tommy Bahama’s swim business, said she was surprised to find that Margaritaville did not yet offer women’s swimsuits. “It was a major success story waiting to happen,” she told WWD. Hernandez met with Joe Laurita, the chief executive officer of Margaritaville’s apparel business, to strategize the collection, which aims to provide swimwear and sportswear-inspired cover-ups. “The inspiration behind Margaritaville Swim is the yearning for an island adventure, a leisurely escape — Margaritaville as a feeling, not a place,” Hernandez said. “Fun and humor also play a role in what we create.”

The debut styles include cover-ups, bikinis, tankinis and one-piece silhouettes with zigzag stitching, hardware, fringe and geometric, stripe and floral prints in slimming, chlorine-resistant fabrics with built-in sun protection. The brand’s first resort 2017 collection will launch at Miami’s SwimShow in July.