Buffett performs for Surfers Healing in Montauk NY

From one of our members (Cane Garden Bay): On Friday September 12th I was a volunteer at the Surfers Healing Event in Montauk, NY. It was a wonderful event, I got to talk with Mr. Buffett for about 40 minutes!! He was great to talk to. After the event we went to set up at the Second House Restaurant. Jimmy was performing that night, Hawaiian Ed opened up, then Nancy Atlas, then Jimmy, Mac & Russ Kunkel (on percussion) took the stage under the small Landshark tent, it was raining hard, but they were in great spirits, Jimmy was having a lot of rum onstage and was in rare form that evening. I was sitting about 4 feet away from him! I couldn’t beleive it.

Here is the setlist, it’s not in the correct order but here it is (i may have missed 1 or 2 song)

Wino & I Know
Why Don’t we Get Drunk
Sitting Here in Limbo (Jimmy Cliff)
Banana Republics
Uncle John’s Band
Margaritaville (with the lost verse)
Southern Cross
Come Monday
Pencil Thin Mustache
Jamaica Mistaka
It’s a Crazy World (song by Mac)
Pirate Looks at 40
Son of a Son of a Sailor
The Weather is Here
Growing Older But Not Up
Heart of Gold
Changes in Latitudes
One Particular Harbor
Regabilly Hill

Great performance!! Jimmy talked a lot and told the story of a Margaritaville coming to Dubai! I was one of the only ones sitting in front getting wet the whole time and at the end of the show Jimmy handed me the bottle of rum that he was drinking, he said “here’s some rum to warm you up after all the rain”. Great gift!!

Some photos from Jimmy’s performance are available in the Photo Gallery

Jimmy at the Stephen Talkhouse

Some photos from the show are now available (thanks to firemedic)

Went the the Stephen Talkhouse on Fridayt night, and word was that Jimmy was going to make a surprise appearance. It looked as though word had gotten out though as there were several people with Jimmy garb on. Yellowman finished up their set, and they started setting up for the next act, which was supposed to be Hot Lava, but they only set up one mike, and a small amp, and electric guitar, and an acoustic one. A few minutes go by, and who comes out but the man himself. He starts conversing with the crowd about how he has been doing nothing for the past three weeks, and on Sunday he has to go down and play Atlantic City. He proceeded to play the following set;

Piece of Work
Thank God the Tiki Bar is Open
Pencil Thin Mustache
Why Don’t we get Drunk and Screw
Jamaica Mistaka
Brown Eyed Girl
Southern Cross
Son of a Sailor
Cheeseburger in Paradise
No Woman No Cry
Reggae Billy Hill
Come Monday
Tambourine Man.

He inserted several Long Island and East End references into the songs along the way, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. At one point he grabbed a womans phone and started talking to the person on the other end while up on stage.

Newport Folk Festival Tickets Still Available

Jimmy Buffett will be performing at the Newport Folk Festival on Sunday August 3rd at the Fort Adams State Park in Newport RI. He is scheduled to perform between 5:40 and 7:15 PM. Some of the other artists performing that day include Jake Shimabukuro and Gillian Welch. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased exclusively online at www.newportfolk.com or by calling (877) 655-4TIX.

Newport Folk Festival Lineup Announced

The lineup and starting time for each artist is now listed on the Newport Folk Festival website.

Jimmy Buffett plays the Fort Stage on Sunday August 3rd from 5:40 to 7:15 pm. Jake Shimabukuro (ukulele player) will be performing on the Waterside stage from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

The festival takes place at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island. Since it is a state park there will be no tailgating or alcoholic beverages allowed in the parking lot.

(thanks to Jimsig for passing that along to us)

Jimmy Buffett with Jack Johnson in London

Jimmy Buffett performed on stage yesterday with Jack Johnson at Hyde Park in London England. They along with G Love performed the song “A Pirate Looks at Forty”. (thanks to Simon for passing that along to us)

From Trent: The encore then came. Jack played a couple of his own songs by himself, then announced he had another friend in town he was going to invite out. It just happened to be Jimmy Buffett with G Love. All three of them together played “A Pirate Looks at Forty.”

Freddy & the Fishsticks Recap and Pictures

From Blacktie-Louisiana.com: “Blacktie-Louisiana ! PREMIERE EVENTS ! Freddy & the Fishsticks LIVE at Margaritaville

Crowds lined up long and early to gain entrance to see Freddy & Fishsticks, aka Jimmy Buffett, perform at a benefit concert for BORN & NOAHH Thursday evening at Margaritaville in New Orleans. Whether attending the private show for 100 people or being one of many in the Block Party, guests came prepared to party. From parrot hats to crazy sunglasses to guys and girls in grass skirts, fans were out in style and ready to support BORN & their cause.

At the start of the event, Councilwoman Jaqueline Clarkson, gave a proclamation from the City of New Orleans to BORN. Tyra Brown graciously accepted the honor and gave thanks for the city’s support of her organization and its mission.

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