Buffett on the Today Show – Video on MSNBC

Jimmy Buffett appearred on the Today Show this morning to talk about his new book “Swine Not?“.

A video clip of his appearance is available on MSNBC: “Jimmy Buffett pens a pig’s (funny) tale (Joined by friends Helen Bransford and Pinkie, “Margaritaville” songwriter Jimmy Buffett chats with TODAY’s Meredith Vieira about his new novel, “Swine Not?”)

The fun of the book extended to the photo shoot for its cover when the model pig — Forkie, who is Pinkie’s brother — took a couple of nips at Mr. Cheeseburger in Paradise. Buffett even acknowledged to Vieira that the pig was digitally inserted into the final cover art. “He got a little restless,” Buffett recalled. “He got a little camera-shy. You know, I understand that. Show business puts a lot of pressure on a pig.”

The Today Show’s website has an excerpt from the book: Jimmy Buffett’s novel asks, ‘Swine Not?’

Best-selling musician and author Jimmy Buffett crafts a colorful tale about an unusually clever pig in “Swine Not.” Here’s an excerpt.

About This Book: Sometimes you have to find the story, and sometimes the story finds you. In all my previous fiction, the stories were rooted in this nomad life I live. I converted my real life experiences into fictional fun and made up a few more tales myself — always keeping a bit of mystery as to what was based on reality and what had sprung from my imagination. Faulkner said he was a liar by profession, and he made good money at it. However, in the case of Swine Not?, the story came to me.

One day our friend Helen Bransford brought over a manuscript she had written and some illustrations that went with it. She asked me to look at them. I know the basic story, and everyone who knew Helen did, too.

Read the complete excerpt at MSNBC

Upcoming TV Appearances

Jimmy Buffett will be appearing on several talk shows to promote his new book “Swine Not?” (available at Amazon.com).

Tuesday May 13, 7:00 AM ET – The Today Show (NBC)
Tuesday May 13, 9:00 AM ET – Regis & Kelly
Wednesday May 21, 11:35 PM ET – The Late Show With David Letterman (CBS)

Note: All times are Eastern Daylight time, please check your local affiliate for different broadcast times. Also remember to set your DVR or TIVO player to record the shows.

DVR Alert: Best Parking Lot In The World

The network HDNet, will be replaying "Art Mann Presents: The Best Parking Lot In The World" this week. It airs Friday, 3/28/2008 at 2:00 am Eastern. This is the same program that aired in 2006 about the Irvine parking lot.

Show info: The Best Parking Lot Party in the World – This week we come to you from the parking lot outside a Jimmy Buffett concert. Watch as Buffett fans of all ages show us how to eat, drink, and be merry. And trust us, they are very good at it, especially the drinking and being merry part.

Check to see if HDNet is available in your area: Where to Watch

I know this is a repost from two years ago, but I’m sure there are many parrotheads (myself included) who were not able to see this show.

South Park Buffett Parody

The guys from South Park had a new episode last night featuring a parody of Jimmy Buffett. It will be rebroadcast tomorrow and over the weekend on Comedy Central. Eric has AIDS and they couldn’t get Elton John or anyone to sing so they got Buffett instead. Eric wasn’t so happy.

A video clip from the show is available on the South Park website: AIDS Burger in Paradise .

(thanks to Monet for passing that along to us)