Buffett and McAnally on the Steve Cochran Show

From WGN Radio: “Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnally relive amazing stories and perform live on The Steve Cochran Show

A record breaking 10-time CMA Musician of the Year, Mac McAnally swings by the Steve Cochran Show with a very special guest…music legend, Jimmy Buffett. They chat about stories from their start as musicians, their early inspirations and who they see making waves in the Country music scene today.

Watch Jimmy Buffett on Hawaii Five-O tonight

Jimmy Buffett returns as Frank Bama on tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-O on CBS at 10:00 PM ET. Buffett has made five prior appearances on the show (November 2011, April 2013, March 2015, January 2017, and March 2018).

“Hana Mao ‘ole ka ua o Waianae” – Five-0 continues to hunt down escaped criminal Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence) before he can sell cyber-weapons to the highest bidder. Also, the lives of McGarrett and the team are put in danger when a visitor comes to headquarters to make amends, on the ninth season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 17 (at a special time, 10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Jimmy Buffett returns as Frank Bama.

Buffett appears on the Late Show with James Corden

Jimmy Buffett appeared on “The Late Show with James Corden” last night. Buffett told a story of when he got kicked off a stage at a bar in Nantucket singing karaoke to one of his songs. Matthew McConaughey said that Buffett made the coolest entrance on a set for a film flying in on his seaplane.

Watch the full show at CBS.com – S4 E100. James welcomes actor Matthew McConaughey, country music artist Reba McEntire, and a musician Jimmy Buffett.

James Corden challenges his very talented couch of Jimmy Buffett, Reba McEntire and Matthew McConaughey to a game of Yay or Nay, allowing Jimmy to show off his trombone playing skills, Reba flexes her ability to rope a steer and Matthew belts out Jimmy’s famous “Margaritaville.”

Two Jimmy Buffett Songs Inspire “The Beach Bum” movie

From Variety: “Matthew Mcconaughey’s ‘The Beach Bum’ Was Inspired by Two Jimmy Buffett Songs

Director Harmony Korine may have been wastin’ away again in Margaritaville when he came up with the idea for “The Beach Bum.”

According to Jimmy Buffett, his songs “Margaritaville” and “A Pirate Looks at Forty” inspired the stoner comedy, and his friendship with Korine landed him a role in the film.

“He was telling me about the whole thing and that it was based on some songs I had written,” Buffett told Variety at the film’s premiere at the ArcLight Hollywood on Thursday. “It was a bigger part than I really thought I was capable of doing. He said, ‘If I ever get it done, would you consider being in it?’ and I said, ‘Sure I will.’ I was already on board, and when he told me who was coming on board, it just made the whole ride even more fun.”

The Gulf and Western artist also explained how he and Snoop Dogg wrote “Moonfog,” the movie’s theme song.

“We were just jamming around on the boat a little bit and Harmony liked it so much he came to us and said, ‘Would you finish the song?’ And then it turned out being the theme song to the movie,” he said.

Interview with Buffett on his role in ‘The Beach Bum’

From Noisey: “Jimmy Buffett on the Role He Was Born to Play: Himself

We talked to the king parrothead about his role in ‘The Beach Bum,’ working with Snoop Dogg, and why retirement is overrated.

As Jimmy Buffett tells it, he’s got it pretty good. When the musician-turned-business-mogul-turned-sometimes-actor is not touring the world with his band The Coral Reefers, he’s floating on his paddle board in St. Barths or Miami or Sag Harbor, a fishing rod in hand and a mile-wide grin stretched across his face. Buffett knows he’s lucky, but he’s not willing to chalk it all up to good fortune.

“I had enough work ethic instilled in me by my parents,” he explains to Noisey over the phone a few days after the South By Southwest (SXSW) premiere of Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum, where he plays himself. “I also had a slight bit of talent and a little bit of luck. That’s what it takes. It’s mostly perspiration.” 72 years young and 50 years into his career, Buffett is reaping the rewards of a whole lot of sweat. With 27 studio albums under his belt, 17 of which have charted; a Margaritaville empire that includes restaurants, hotels, and margarita machines; and yet another world tour planned for summer 2019, Jimmy Buffett knows what hard work is, though he knows some luck is required too.

And The Beach Bum a happy-go-lucky movie, a symbolic reflection of Buffett’s persona as everyone’s best friend, of a life where chill vibes and good times are paramount. Korine hasn’t explicitly named Buffett as the film’s North Star, but Jimmy is so emblematic of the Florida cool that pervades the film that the two become knottily tangled and inseparable.

Noisey: You’ve done film cameos in the past. How do you decide when you want to hop onto a movie?
Jimmy Buffett: I have friends that make movies. They occasionally ask me. The first one I ever did was a film called Repo Man.

Noisey: The Beach Bum looked like an absolute blast to be around.

Buffett: With Beach Bum, Harmony [Korine] was a good friend of my wife and daughter. He approached me about doing it, mentioning that I’d be doing most of the background music for the thing. I asked him what the role was, and he said, “It’ll be three weeks of shooting,” and I said, “Nope, not me!” I was supposed to have been Snoop’s character, [Lingerie]. That was the original role for me, as the guy that Moondog looks up to. When that didn’t happen, they wrote me into a little scene, and then they got Snoop Dogg. Obviously that worked out better than me [laughs].

Read the full interview at Noisey

Buffett performs a new song for The Beach Bum Soundtrack

From Yahoo News “Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum Soundtrack Announced

Harmony Korine’s new film The Beach Bum hits U.S. theaters on March 29 (via NEON). The comedy stars Matthew McConaughey as the Floridian burnout Moondog, as well as Snoop Dogg, Zac Efron, Jimmy Buffett, Isla Fisher, and others.

Today, the soundtrack has been announced. The Beach Bum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is out March 22 via Milan Records. The album includes John Debney’s score, as well as an original song called “Moonfog,” written by Jimmy Buffett and Snoop Dogg and performed by Buffett. Hear it below. Also below, watch the trailer for The Beach Bum and find the soundtrack artwork and tracklist.

The Beach Bum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):

01 Jimmy Buffett: “A Pirate at Forty”
02 Bertie Higgins / Moondog: “Key Largo (Live at the Schooner Wharf Bar)”
03 Gerry Rafferty: “Right Down the Line”
04 Waylon Jennings: “Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)”
05 Eddie Money: “Two Tickets To Paradise”
06 Gordon Lightfoot: “Sundown”
07 Stephen Bishop: “On and On”
08 Van Morrison: “Into the Mystic”
09 Jimmy Buffett: “Moonfog”
10 John Debney: “Poem for a White Cat”
11 John Debney: “Sucking Toes and Playing Tennis”
12 John Debney: “Moondog and Minnie”
13 John Debney: “Goodbye to Minnie”
14 John Debney: “Beautiful Moondog”