escape to margaritaville musical

Escape to Margaritaville Broadway Pre-sale

Tickets for “Escape to Margaritaville” the musical are now available for pre-sale at using code ESCAPE. The pre-sale starts on June 5th and ends Tuesday June 13th at 9:59 AM ET. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday June 26th.

ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE is the musical comedy getaway featuring both original songs and your most-loved JIMMY BUFFETT classics, including “Come Monday,” “Volcano,” “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” and many more.

“Escape to Margaritaville” will begin previews on Feb. 16, 2018 ahead of a March 15, 2018 opening at the Marquis Theater.

Buffett lyrics help tattoo shop win appeal vs. Key West

From the Palm Beach Post: “Cute or not, tattoos await tourists in Key West

Key West learned that lesson last week when a federal appeals court ruled that the city had no right to prevent a third tattoo parlor from opening in the town’s historic district.

Lawyers for Key West had argued that the First Amendment complaint raised by the tattoo parlor owner was not sufficient to overrule the city’s contention that tattoo parlors have an adverse effect on tourism.

They argued that “rash tourists will obtain regrettable tattoos, leading to negative association with Key West” and that this would hurt the city’s reputation as a vacation destination.

Lacking actual data to support that argument, the city cited the lyrics to the song, “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffett.

The song’s narrator sings of his perpetual state of inebriation, which has not only caused him to lose his salt shaker, but also end up with “nothing to show but this brand new tattoo.” How it got there? He hasn’t a clue.

The lawyers said that actual tourists coming to Key West might have a similar experience, after wrapping up a night of drinking on Duval Street at a tattoo parlor. Especially if there are three, not two tattoo parlors, available.

But the appeals court wasn’t biting, choosing instead to interpret the Buffett lyrics in a way that didn’t support their argument.

“The singer in ‘Margaritaville’—seemingly far from suffering embarrassment over his tattoo—considers it ‘a real beauty.’” the judges wrote. Not to mention “a Mexican cutie,” I might add.

Buffett drops by New Orleans Saints practice

From ESPN: “WhoDat in paradise: Longtime Saints fan Jimmy Buffett drops by practice

Longtime New Orleans Saints fan Jimmy Buffett dropped by practice Tuesday at The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia.

Buffett, who grew up in Mississippi and Alabama, has reportedly been a die-hard “WhoDat” since he attended the Saints’ first home game in 1967 while working as a 20-year-old budding musician in a Bourbon Street club.

Buffett’s relationship with the Saints has only grown over the past decade because of a friendship with coach Sean Payton that began when Payton was an assistant with the Dallas Cowboys. Buffett told New Orleans’ FOX 8 on Tuesday that his first memory of Payton was when Payton, former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman and others got rowdy during a Buffett concert and tried to pull down a shark that was floating across the crowd.

Buffett joined the Saints for their postgame celebration after they won the Super Bowl in 2010. He wore a “Free Sean Payton” T-shirt while Payton played the bongo drums during a 2012 concert in New Orleans while Payton was suspended because of the bounty scandal.

Buffett’s Mercedes Benz Stolen and Recovered

From “Police use GPS to nab teen accused of stealing Jimmy Buffett’s Mercedes Benz

A 17-year-old boy faces a grand theft auto charge after he stole a Mercedes-Benz belonging to Jimmy Buffet after the singer left his keys in the car, police said.

According to a Palm Beach police report, Buffett’s personal representative, Darin Hinson, alerted them to the theft, which occurred sometime between 10 p.m. Tuesday and 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Hinson told police Buffett returned home Tuesday night and parked in the driveway, leaving the keys in the car.

Using the global positioning system in the car, police were able to track the Mercedes to a gas station in Riviera Beach and then south on Interstate 95 to another gas station in Lake Worth.

A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputy was the first to arrive at the gas station and found the stolen car parked outside.

The keys to the Mercedes were resting on the front right tire of a Dodge Caravan parked next to it, police said.

Standing next to the van was Michael Hardy, who was seen on surveillance video at the Riviera Beach gas station driving the stolen car, police said.

Hardy was taken to the Palm Beach Police Department for questioning, where he admitted to trading drugs for the car, police said.

Hardy told police he exchanged $100 worth of crack cocaine that he cut to make it look like $200 worth so he could get the car. Hardy said he gave the drugs to a man he knew only as “John” in Riviera Beach.

Buffett, 68, is best known for his songs “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and “Margaritaville.”

Buffett politely declines class reunion

From Gulflive: “Pascagoula native Jimmy Buffett politely declines class reunion invite, but sends video

Jimmy Buffett was born in Pascagoula on Christmas Day 1946, but moved away with his family to Mobile before starting school.

If the world renowned singer/author/entreprenuer/actor would have remained in Jackson County however, he may well have been celebrating his 50th reunion with his former classmates this weekend.

And his relocation at such a young age didn’t stop one member of the Pascagoula High Class of 1964 from reaching out with an invitation.

Danny “Toad” Smith, one of the committee members for the reunion, sent Buffett a message earlier this year through mutual friends to gauge his interest in attending the event, even though Buffett never attended school in Jackson County.

Smith got a bit of a surprise as a response.

“He sent us a 45-second DVD, recorded on his boat while he was tuna-fishing in Nantucket Sound,” Smith, who like Buffett was born in 1946 at the old Jackson County Hospital, said. “I had no illusions about the probability of his attending, but figured, what the heck, what if he happens to be in the area?

“Along with his regrets that he couldn’t attend he sent his best wishes and mused that had his father had not decided to move to Mobile when Jimmy was five, he might well have graduated with us in 1964 at PHS rather than McGill lnstitute in Mobile.”

Smith, through the help of a friend that works behind the scenes at the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, was able to get a Pascagoula High School Class of 1964 T-shirt to Buffett after his show at the Acura Stage in 2012. Normally reluctant to take such gifts from fans, he accepted the shirt since it came from Pascagoula.

Buffett has maintained ties to Pascagoula over the years through relatives including his grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. In a short chapter he wrote for the book, “Growing Up In Mississippi,” Buffett describes summer vacations at his grandmother’s house in Pascagoula on Parsley St., “free of the grasp of the Mobile parochial school system.”