Buffett records video for Playing For Change

A recent post on Facebook says that Jimmy Buffett recorded a video for The Grateful Dead tribute “Playing For Change”

From Facebook: Boss doing his part in Playing For Change’s soon to be released ‘Ripple’ video. As Jerry Garcia said, “Let there be songs to fill the air…” (the Montauk Lighthouse is in the background)

In honor of The Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary and final show, Playing For Change will soon release a brand new Song Around The World covering The Grateful Dead’s 1970 classic, “Ripple.” Featuring an eclectic cadre of legendary artists, including new and veteran Playing For Change musicians, “Ripple” will be released on July 5th as the 50th and final video of JamBase’s Grateful Dead tribute series, “Songs Of Their Own.”

Net proceeds from “Ripple,” and associated merchandise and sponsorship opportunities, will benefit the Playing For Change Foundation’s music schools and programs for children worldwide.

Buffett performs in Havana, Cuba

Jimmy Buffett spent some time in Havana, Cuba a couple of weeks ago. He did an impromptu show outside a bar in Havana. It was just Jimmy, a guitar, and a mojito. Some marines were there for the show and shot the video (they were a little off beat on the salt, salt, salt).

Buffett cuts video supporting two Amendments

From Saint Peters Blog: “Jimmy Buffett cuts video explaining why he supports Amendments 1 & 2

Singer and Florida-lifestyle entrepreneur Jimmy Buffett took to YouTube today to explain why he supports both Amendment 1, the Environmental Land Conservation proposal, and Amendment 2, which seeks to legalize medical marijuana.

In the three-minute video, Buffett points out that election time in Florida means “anything could happen.”

In his support of the two amendments, which he calls “interesting and vital propositions,” he says that both could “affect the quality of life in the Sunshine State.”

Amendment 1 preserves the heart of Florida’s existence, he says, giving voters a “direct opportunity to protect our rivers, springs and beaches,” as well sources of drinking water — without raising taxes.

“We all deserve to live in the best Florida possible,” Buffett says. “And it is the treasure we need to preserve for future generations.”

Quoting Carl Hiaasen’s fictional former Florida Governor Clinton Tyree, he adds: “There’s no better place to be than the middle of nowhere.”

Amendment 1 will ensure there is “a lot of nowhere in Florida,” he says.

As for Amendment 2, Buffett cites the 82 percent of supporters who approve of the legalization of medical marijuana.

“It’s good medicine, and I know,” he says, referring to the time he was severely injured walking offstage in Australia. Medical marijuana played a role in his recovery.

“Proposition 1 is good medicine for Florida. Proposition 2 is just good medicine.”