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Top Ten Parrothead Celebrities

Top Ten Gifts for a Parrot Head

Top Ten Things for Jimmy to do during his summer off

Top Ten ways you can tell someone has never been to a Buffett concert before

Top Ten Buffett Quotes

Top Ten Top Things You’ll Never Hear a Parrot Head Say

Top Ten “Buffett” related license plates

Top Ten Rejected Buffett Song Names

Top Ten “Buffett” related names for pets, kids:

10. Dog/kid – Marley, Cameron, Savannah.

9. I named my dog Buffett but he ran off and headed south.

8. Dog/Cat/Bird – Kinja

7. Daughter Margarita

6. The Bluebirds nesting in our yard are called Frankie and Lola

5. My dog’s name is Desdemona

4. I have a Blue and Gold Macaw named Corona

3. For a Kid – Trevor (Where is Joe Merchant?)

2. My dog’s name is Lord Buckley. He is God’s own dog”

1. We found a kitten at a Buffett concert in Atlanta. Her name is Fruitcakes

Top Ten Things to Bring to a Buffett Tailgate Party:

10. Tickets to that night’s show

9. A bottle opener

8. First, gotta have booze and a portable
generator and blender, then a big warm bun, a
huge hunk of meat, lettuce, tomato, heinz 57,
french fried potato, big kosher pickle, and a
cold draft beer(s)!

7. Your own port a potty / Your own toilet paper

6. Beer! You can always trade beer for whatever
else you might have a craving for.

5. Crackers for your pet parrott, who, of course,
comes to the concert with you!

4. A designated driver, A backup designated
driver in case you find your designated driver
passed out on top of some motorhome. A third
designated driver in case you find your second
designated driver running around in the lawn
section, Naked! A phone number of some taxi
company in case you can’t find your third
designated driver.

3. If you’re going to Merriweather … Lawyer’s
phone number and Bail money

2. An extra set of car keys

1. A sign reading “I need tickets!”

Top Ten Signs You’re a Parrothead:

10. Your idea of a break from Buffett is putting
Bob Marley on the CD player!

9. You spent over $2000 for you and your wife to
go to St. Barths to see a free concert. (buzz)

8. You are enrolled in “Geography according
to Jimmy Buffett” at LSU. (Robert)

7. When you take your two sons, ages 3 and 5, to
the McDonald’s drive-thru for a Happy Meal and

6. You fire the corporate travel agency because
they refuse to fly “AirMargaritaville”.

5. You carry around multiple fuses, so when your
blender that’s plugged into your lighted blows,
you can replace it and finish the drink. (Heidi)

4. You’re convinced that your crazy next door
neighbor is really Joe Merchant. (Chris H)

3. You go to the Margaritaville Cafe and steal
the menu, only to find out they give them away. (Mark

2. You have your Hawaiian shirts dry-cleaned
regularly. (Matt Debes)

1. You require that your employment contract
specifically indicates that you are entitled to
the day before, the day of, and the day after a
concert off before you will accept a job offer. (Melissa
aka PetalMel )

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