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VB for Buffett
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We are the people our parents warned us about.
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Gypsies in the palace
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Captain Tony's is still in business and as far as I know he's still alive and kicking.
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You'll have to get down to Key West someday - it's a pretty crazy bar. Key West is tons of fun!
"I gotta go where it's warm"

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Yes he is still kicking and still LOVES the ladies :wink:
It will be a sad day when he makes that final sail :(
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tryin' to reason
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If you love Capt. Tony, click here:


I'm fairly certain the video has been released. Enjoy!
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PHat Matt
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IF YOUR EVER IN KEY WEST, YOU MUST GO TO CAPT. TONYS SALOON!!!! I met him a few weeks ago when I spent a day in Key West. He is a fiesty ol' man!!! He is still alive and kicking phor sure, and Im certian he will be phor a lloonnggg time to come!!! :P :D :D :D

Capt. Tony is one of my all-time-heros. That is phor sure. :D :D :D

And like Sidew said, he is really popular with the girls. :o :lol:
and Jimmy theres still so much to be done...
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We had a Capt Tony's up here in Royal Oak. It closed about 4 years ago.... maybe longer. Rumor has it that his grandaughter took it over and didn't do too well running the place.

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Heading to the Cap'ts in July. I'll have a few shots for you. :pirate:
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Was there last summer and he showed up in his bar. Talked to him very briefly so I guess he was still alive. Very nice guy and is very popular with the ladies. Had two groups of young hotties ask for a picture with him. I, being the humanitarian I am, offered to take the pictures of the ladies. Oh, and the Captain too. 8)

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Yeah, the Captain's still alive. And yes, his bar is still in business. But to my knowledge I'm pretty sure someone else runs the place and Tony just shows up everyday to drink there.

Although that's not a bad thing...

CAPT sand
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Here is my wife and Capt Tony and here I am with Capt Tony.

He seems very happy with a lady by his side.

Both of these were taken a few days before Christmas 2003.
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PirateHead Guru
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On a trip to Key West, I slept in my car in front of captain Tony's becaue I had run out of money. Nobody ever bothered us, just laughed as they walked by in the morning. :lol:
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