Is the Speedo Man the only one that likes JB's 90's albums?

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Post by rickcrystal »

i didnt care too much for beachhouse , but i love bananna wind, fruitcakes, and barometer soup is one of my all time favorite jimmy buffett albums.

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Post by PA PAR8 HED »

rednekkPH wrote:
PA PAR8 HED wrote: I also didn't include Down to Earth and High Cumberland Julilee.
Why is that? Those are my 2 favorites.
The only reason I didn't include them is because for a long time I only owned Before the Beach, which is a compilation of those two. So I didn't want to compare them. I just bought Down to Earth, still don't have HCJ so it was hard to judge them individually. But I do like them, and would put them higher than a lot of the recent stuff.
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Like alot of you I grew up listening to Buffet in the 70's. But, I really do like Bannana Wind and Fruitcakes...great stuff.
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Post by kurt »

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Post by Sidew13 »

As a child of the 80's-90's, I love those years best. I like the 70's stuff, Love "most" of the 80's, and crave all of the 90's :D
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Post by kokiril33t »

my favorites are from the 80's. stuff like OTSTL and LMIP. awsome.
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Post by finz83 »

Barometer Soup is my favorite from the 90s, not to discount Banana Wind and Fruitcakes. A1A is probably my favorite. BHOTM has some good songs. I'll listen to anything the man writes.
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Post by sailingagain »

"Beachouse on the Moon" is the only one I didn't care for much. I pretty much love all of his stuff though. The decade doesn't matter. :)
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Post by PHnSC »

Far Side and Fruitcakes are two of my favorites. But I pretty much love it all

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Post by Caribbean Soul Man »

Like most of you, I've been a fan for many years. I really became a "serious" PH though after Feeding Frenzy was released. After that, I started building my collection by buying all new releases - Fruitcakes, Barometer, Banana, etc. I also added the older stuff as I found it and I too love it all. It just depends on your mood but there's something for everyone in his body of work. Although I love A1A, Havana Daydreamin', & CIL,CIA, I'd have to say that for a great boost at the end of a tough week it's hard to beat his live albums. I'm partial to You Had to Be There and for any fan that has not added this to their collection (and I'm sure there are 1 or 2 of you out there), get it. It's amazing how many great songs he played on this album, most of which had been recently released. I think he refers to songs released just 2 or 3 years before the show as the "old stuff."

I would enjoy hearing from anyone who was ACTUALLY THERE at one of the taped shows (Atlanta & Miami) in 1978. Must have been incredible!
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Post by Mr. Duval Crawl »

the albums from the 70s, 80s and 90s all have a distinct sound. I love the 90s too but wouldn't agree it is his best work. My personal favorite album is AIA. Having said that, I listened to Beach House on the Moon on the way in.
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Post by QuietNoise »

I love all Jimmy's album's/CD's. One of my favorites of late is Far Side. You know, different songs remind you of different things. I was running a lot to Far Side when we moved into our new house two years ago. Now, when I hear it, I am reminded of that time. You know, the family all there was a fun time. In much the same manner, Banana Wind reminds me of another special time spent with my Mother. Point is, maybe to start with the material might not blow me away and immediately connect, but in time it relates to something in my life. Additionally, the general sound of all Buffett songs soothe me. That's why I'm such an insatiable fan I suppose. I just like the sound.
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Post by Lastplaneout »

Well there is 3 different sounds here. HCJ, white sport coat era, country-ish type stuff. Havana Daydreamin', OPH, A1A were guitar, a lot of Fingers on the Harp. Then into Fruitcakes, Naner Wind, Barometer soup comes the more tropical, calypso-ish, trumpet and steel drum stuff. As many have said it all depends on the mood. When i'm in the mood to lay back and relax i'll pop in Barometer soup and let the Steel take me away. Other times it's A1A or Havana to help me relax and sing along to the classics
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Post by mjcatl2 »

Banana Wind is one of my favorite albums. I really enjoy Fruitcakes, Barometer Soup (Love Skip, Blueheaven, Night I Painted the Sky, Diamond, and of course the title song is great too!)
and Far Side I put with them. But of the past decade, I would have to give the edge to Banana Wind

The only one I really don't care for much is Beach House, there is not really any strong song. I mean You call it jogging sounds good, is witty and fun (as is spending money) but as an album it's not great.

banana wind could be one of the best with 'False echoes" alone let alone the first half of the album.

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Re: Is the Speedo Man the only one that likes JB's 90's albu

Post by prairie the pirate »

Speedo Bob wrote:After reading lots of threads on this site I started to wonder a little bit, am I the only one that likes Bubba's works from the 90's and up better then any other time frame? I just feel that Fruitcakes, Barometer Soup, Banana Wind, and Far Side of the World are JB's best albums of all time. There is just something about these albums ( especially the first 3) that makes me want to slam on my Speedo and have a party with my friends, even though I do not really have any friends. Anyways do any of you agree with me.
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Post by cabinfever »

my buffett life started in the 90's so those where the first cd's I had. My wife(then girl friend) had fruitcakes on tape and I used to listen to it while I was working and my love for the music grew from there. I think banana wind and barometer where the first two cd's I bought.... Not a big fan of beach house but I have never really given it much of a chance. We only have on copy of it and it stays in my wifes car she loves it.....
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Post by jollymonsings »

OH NO no no. Quite definitely not! I also love the 90's albums more than his 80's albums and 70's ones. They are all great, but I catch myself listening to the recent decade more than the others.

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Barometer Soup is where it's at

Post by RockinRick »

I quite like most everything of Jimmy's. But I think if I had to pick a favorite it could be Barometer Soup. I find the lyrics, production quality and the harmonies outstanding on that album. It opens with the title track and really sets the stage for the rest. I think a big part of it is exactly what you are in the mood for. Dancing around and partying, maybe another album is better. If its balads then again perhaps choose another. Kicking back in the back yard with a zombie, lying in the hammock...Barometer Soup is perfect.

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Post by mjcatl2 »

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