From PHiP MOTM UPDATE #5 - 7 & Meeting Schedule

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From PHiP MOTM UPDATE #5 - 7 & Meeting Schedule

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Folks this is probably my last update from NJ and there will be little email communications with me in Key West.

Originally I was hopeful that we may at least be able to have the Saturday Beach Bash at the Casa Marina but after many conversations and game planning with the people at the Casa/Reach we have decided to run the entire event at the Reach.

The acoustic acts that start on Tuesday with John Frinzi and guests at 2:00 PM running all the way to the Sunday mornings Jim Morris acoustic show that were originally scheduled for the Sun Sun will be at the Reach pool side Bar.

The Thursday Night at the Beach with Scott Kirby & The Peter Mayer Group will be on a scaled down more intimate stage on the Reach Beach. We may be a little cozy compared to the massive lawn at the Casa Marina but we still have plenty of room for all.

The Paradise Charitable Foundation's Friday Street Festival is on as scheduled with Tropical Soul, Mac McAnally & Club Trini backed by the John Frinzi Band from 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

The Saturday Beach Bash will be renamed the Screw You Wilma, will play at the Reach Beach Bash...

The Wednesday Welcome Party at the Hogs Breath is on as usual with Jim Morris and his band. The LISTSERV Party is on at Rick's upstairs in the Disco and I have tasked Sunny Jim, John Frinzi and Jim Hoehn to do at LEAST one Disco song each. I can just see James singing Staying Alive with John Frinzi and Jim Hoehn doing the Saturday Night Fever John Travolta gestures as back up singers. This show will close with Jim Morris & his band before you head back to the Reach Beach for the Scott & Peter Show.

The Friday Night Conch Republic Seafood Show is on with Phins Band and Captain Quint starting at 6:15 PM after the Street Festival. This will be a great show!!!

The Schooners Wharf shows are on all week starting with the Tequila Tasting Party on Wednesday and the Closing show on Friday called the No Plane Out of Sunday Party with Jim Morris & his Band.

Don't forget the New Name for Sunny Jim's Blue Heaven Show on Sunday is... I lost all my night gigs to Wilma so I am gonna play my ass off on Sunday show!!!

We are going to have a great week gang!!! If you don't know where to go, look on the back of your name badge and substitute the Reach for the Casa Marina shows and we will have show schedules posted near the Registration & Gift Bag stuffing rooms to keep you updated...

The Charity Auction is ON!!! 11AM on Saturday in the Reach Ballroom.. Come early to look at the great items the Paradise Charitable Foundation has for you and remember, a portion of your winning bid is tax deductible at the Auction...

The raffle is on too, you'll see Joel and his group from the Atlanta PHC all over the island... Please also support our wonderful sponsors who have stayed with us during this very hard week.

Drink LOTS of Corona, Margaritaville Tequila and Cruzan Rum this week. These sponsors are the reason we are able to have this convention.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you for bearing with me this week. It has be an unbelievable week of frustration and uncertainty but it is now Saturday and I am getting really excited to have this party. Usually the best times I have ever had in my life we unplanned and even though this weeks plans are set and ready to go, it is like starting all over again. You folks are the best people alive and I know you will make this week the best Meeting of the Minds EVER!!!! Thanks all, I am off to Key West in the morning...




Here is where we stand. We are overbooked at the Reach/Casa Marina by 80
rooms. The Casa Marina does not want to choose who is going to be moved off
property and The PHiP BOD will not pick and choose.

What does this mean, it means we are looking for you to choose to stay off
property, not us. If it does not matter to you where you stay, we would prefer
you make other arrangements for accommodations.

Now, that being said, The Casa Marina has arranged for 50 rooms at the
Atlantic Shores Resort on Simonton Street. It is RIGHT across the street from the
Host Hotel, The Reach I have also sent out an over 70 other rooms available
on island. There were 40 rooms alone at the Radisson. 9 rooms at the Pier House
and plenty others throughout the island

I am asking in the best Parrot Head Sprit to PLEASE, if you don't mind a
change of venue, call the Atlantic Shores or Radisson and change your
reservation. Of COURSE the Casa Marina will not hold you to any cancellation fees.

If you do switch to another hotel resort PLEASE send an email to
_mmcdermott@wyndham.com_ ( with your name telling them you
are canceling.

The last thing I want, or anyone wants, is for you to get in town and there
is no room at the Reach for you...

Folks, I am about pooped here, I know it is not the best news but there are
rooms available so I am asking you to please consider changing your

The Atlantic Shores phone number is 305-296-2491 and the Radisson is
305-294-5511. The rates at both places are LOWER than the Reach/Casa rates so it
will also save you some money...

I really think this years MOTM is going to be special, you folks are
wonderful giving people and Key West needs us to help them... We may have to take a
taxi or walk a few more blocks but it sure beats what the folks affected by
Hurricane Wilma are dealing with...

One last thing, we are revising that the Casa/Reach will contact you to
verify you have a room, they will contact you if you do not have a room and that
may not happen until Monday... I hope in true Parrot Head Spirit that no one
is called and people choose to move on their own...

Thanks gang

Alex Leist
PHiP Inc.

PS PLEASE email _mmcdermott@wyndham.com_ ( if
you are canceling.


MOTM Update # 5

Hi Folks,

For everyone waiting on the Casa Marina to respond this part of the update is for you...

Please do not email them more than once, they are very limited on computers and phone. If you emailed them a confirmation you WILL get a phone call between now and Monday with your confirmation. There will be some people who will have to be moved, the Casa Marina & Reach will be call you if you are being asked to move with an alternative hotel accommodations. They are working on those arrangements now and sorting through the emails we have sent over the last 24 hours. I also have made arrangements for some alternative hotel sites, they are listed at the bottom on this email. If you choose to move to one of these alternative locations, Please email the Casa Marina at with a note of cancellation. Please note, ONLY email if you are canceling.

Folks, I know this is hard on everyone but lets keep in mind that the fine people at the Casa Marina and Reach are doing everything possible to make this convention a successful one. I talked to them today and one of my main contacts said, "Alex, this is going to be a totally different looking convention at the Reach, but it will be a fun change and everything is going to work great" The City Manager called me and said PLEASE COME DOWN!!! and he asked that we do our best to spend some money to help get this city back on their feet. People have asked how to help... Best way is to come down and do what we always do... Have fun and party... Things will be different this year but all of the bands will be there all of the Coral Reefers will be there and we are going to have a BLAST!!!! The Conch Trains will be running, the White Vans with the Pink stripes will be running as they did at the Casa Marina, the Bone Island Shuttles made it through so they will be on their usual routes for $8.00 a day, the Taxi's will be running as usual too... Let have some fun and keep tuned in here for further updates...

The alternative hotels are listed here and please email with any cancellations at the Casa/Reach... All of these hotels below have Bone Island Shuttle stops every 15 minutes.

Radisson Hotel Key West


Ask for Parrot Head Rate

$139.00 plus 11.5% tax

40 Rooms Available

Rate good until Nov 2

Pier House305-296-4600

Ask for Parrot Head Rate

$174 - $355 plus 11.5% tax

9 rooms available

Sheraton Suites


If phone are out email

Ask for Parrot Head Rate

$180.00 plus 11.5% tax

10 Rooms available



MOTM REGISTRATION will be open at the previously scheduled times, but will be held at The Reach Resort ...

The scheduled MOTM Breakout Sessions will now be held at The Reach on the following schedule:


5:00 pm - Security Meeting


9:00 am - 10:45 am - Regional Communicators Meeting

11:00 am - 12:30 pm - Club Treasurers Breakout Session

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm - Media Breakout Session

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm - New Club Breakout Session

4:15 pm - Security Meeting

GIFT BAG STUFFING will be held at 9:00 am on Wednesday, November 2, in the Meeting Room at The Reach ...

PHiP GENERAL MEETING will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday, November 5, in the Meeting Room at The Reach ...

PCF CHARITY AUCTION will be held at 11:00 am on Saturday, November 5, in the Meeting Room at The Reach ... Auction items will be on display at a site to be determined ...

PHiP BLOOD DRIVE is yet to be determined ...

TOYS FOR TOTS collection box will be located in the lobby at The Reach ...

1435 Simonton St.
Key West, FL 33040



Right now for those traveling through South Florida remember that they
are experiencing major power problems. There are long gas lines at the
gas stations not because of lack of gas, but because lack of power to
pump it. Traffic lights are not working in many areas. Currenty there is
a 6am to 8pm curfew in Miami-Dade and a 7am - 11pm curfew in Broward
County. If you have reserved a rental, please consider the fact that you
will not want to be stopping for gas, so an economy will be better, also
make sure it is full before you leave the airport. If possible you may
want to see if you can get a flight straight through to Key Wet. But,
remember that right now there are no rental cars in Key Wet.

Remeber folks these are the current conditions things are improving
daily. Here are some useful links for you;

Ft Lauderdale Airport (FLL)

Miami Airpport (MIA)

And two links to traffic conditions in South Florida ... FDOT&aoi=0

Joe Pyrat


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