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How would you rate the song Ragtop Day

5 stars - one of my favorites.
4 stars - a great song, but not quite my favorite
3 stars- a good song
2 stars- eh, its okay, i guess
Total votes: 66

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Ragtop Day Opinion

Post by jonesbeach10 »

Please help me prove a point. I got into an arguement with another parrothead, who apparently thinks he is the be all and end all when it comes to Buffett, over the song Ragtop Day. I would just like everyone's personal opinion about the song and whether they like or not.

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Post by pbans »

It's a good song, I always enjoy it when I hear it.....but it's not one I "seek out" to listen to......
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Post by conched »

Saying it's one of my favorites is how I would rank it compared to all of Jimmy's songs.

Ragtop day is really great in concert when Jimmy starts calling out those names of towns as he's heading down to the concert venue.

I like the beat and that country twang like all the songs on Riddles in the Sand. (I used to crank up Ragtop Day leaving school on Fridays, especially. I drove a Mustang convertible from 1988 until 2000.)

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Post by springparrot »

I really like the song---reminds me of great summer days :D

col cairo
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Post by col cairo »

Two thumbs up.
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Post by Zanzibar »

We throw all our cares away......... :wink:

Good Song.. 8)
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Post by ragtopW »

HMMMM Wonder how I voted??? :D :D :lol: :lol:

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Post by parrotsgirl »

One of my favorites for those beautiful summer days....also one that puts a smile on your face when ya need it
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Post by green1 »

Fair to middlin'. IMO there are lots of better songs, but I won't fast forward it when it comes on.

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Post by conched »

Listening to it right now as I relisten to the Mohegan Show from last year. :wink:

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Post by buffettbride »

yeah, um, it doesn't do a whole lot for me. sorry. i don't think it's a bad song, just not one of my favorites.

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Post by SharkOnLand »

3: There are much better, and much worse songs.
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Post by The Lost Manatee »

Like so many of Jimmy's songs, it all depends on what I'm doing and what sort of moody I want to be in. I love this song when I'm driving down the highway with the top down.
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Post by bravedave »

SharkOnLand wrote:3: There are much better, and much worse songs.
Yup. (although I rated it a 4 because the melody has been stuck in my head for a couple of days.)

I think you'll find that PH opinions run the gamut on this song.
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Post by Bubbaphan »

Good song. Unfortunately, it makes me WISH I had a convertible :cry:
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Post by murPH »

Convertible driver--love the song--5 stars. :lol:

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Post by sonofabeach »

I really like the song, especially when cruisin' in the Jeep, in which top and doors have been off of for weeks 8)

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Post by Docktails at 5 »

Pretty good song, but not my favorite on Riddles In The Sand. That album is definately one of my favorites though. It was sort of like he was making one last foray into the country music world.
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Post by Touch O Parrotdise »

awesome feel good song.. 8)

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Post by Rum_Runner »

Voted 3, I like it, but not one of my all time favorites.

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