Hotel California bar music!!

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Hotel California bar music!!

Post by PIR8-4T »

Ironically, during a visit to the believed Hotel California of the Eagles song in Todos Santos,
Mexico (an hour north of Cabo)...the music in the bar...Buffett.

BTW if you're thinking of visiting it don't have high expectations, the food was so,so and but the flies were out in BIG force.

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Post by Dezdmona »

Maybe they could play bn feud to while away the time... :o
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Post by CapnK »

did ya smell the colitas?
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Post by RinglingRingling »

CapnK wrote:did ya smell the colitas?
Don'cha come down with colitis..

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Post by pair8head »

I stole a room service menu from the Hotel California in Rio.
It's the only Planet that has chocolate.

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