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Favorite Song By Bubba

Post by parrothead855 »

With so many albums to chose from and so many songs this could go on for a long time. A friend( who'snot a parrothead) asked me what my favorite Buffett song was. It took me awhile to answer because I really started to think about it. There are a bunch of differant reasons for likeing differant songs but i think my all time favorite would have to be LOVELY CRUISE

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Post by JustDucky »

I love Tin Cup Chalice but the song that means the most to me, and this has been true for a very long time, is...

Wonder Why We Ever Go Home

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Post by Docktails at 5 »

Woman Going Crazy On Caroline Street. It reminds me of what Key West should still be like. I'm about 30 years too late for that.
Coast Of Carolina

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Post by jonesbeach10 »

Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful.

How many of us just wanted scrap what we're doing and start a new life in the palm trees?

Sometimes more than others,
we see who and what and where we are,
I'm just a one man band,
With my feet in the sand,
Tonight I just need my guitar

Woman going crazy on Caroline street
Woman going crazy on Caroline street
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Post by sunseeker »

Banana Republics
There's this one particular harbor.....


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Post by NanaBabe »

Love and Luck

I really liked this from the moment I first heard it, but it became my anthem when trying to reason with cancer and a brain tumor, my first grandbaby, and buying our house - all at the same time.
Some will go and some will stay. It doesn't matter anyway ......

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Post by Left Field ParrotHead »


Till I see her again...
Dumb and drunk as I was, you know I would do it all again.

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Well right now it's Twelve Volt Man because that's what I'm listening to.

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Post by triathlete-parakeet »

The real ph response is "the JB song i'm listening to" now stop with these top 10 favorite or favorite questions. they're dumb and pointless because, at least for me, it always changes.

And theres this place you can go, called Tiera Del Fuego, down in the southern hemisphere.
Amor, Amor!!

Its theses changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes, nothin remains quite the same.....

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Post by parrotpartygod »

A Pirate Looks At Forty...

Liver severed, put it on ice
Chill, it just takes awhile, just takes awhile. :pirate:
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Post by CaptainP »

triathlete-parakeet wrote:The real ph response is "the JB song i'm listening to" now stop with these top 10 favorite or favorite questions. they're dumb and pointless because, at least for me, it always changes.
That's actually part of the point of my top 10 survey. I like to see how tastes change. I have the results from my last survey, and when this one is done, I will compare the 2 side-by-side...

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Post by LivingOutMy2ndChance »

That's What Living Is To Me.

I'm still (mostly) good, but no longer lonesome [smilie=battingeyes.gif]
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Cheeseburger in Paradise

Post by Migration Michelle »

Sang it on stage with him and I'll never be the same!

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Post by VanillaGrl »

Havana Daydreamin'

And just for the record...I don't think having a favorite means I'm not a real parrothead.

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Post by CapnK »

da Banana Republics, mon.
Telling myself the same lies that I told myself back home

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Post by ToplessRideFL »

The favs change..... like the weather....

But Pirate always remains constant. :wench: The words just hit home.... or at least my interpretation of them anyway! :oops:

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Post by parrothead8587 »

Incommunicado...I'm disappointed I have not heard it in a while.

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Post by ragtopW »

Distantly in Love..

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Post by Wino you know »

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Post by PackPhanGirl »

Survive...he sang it as an encore in Charlotte one year and I haven't heard him sing it live since! I LOVE all Buffett songs, but this as my fave doesn't change!
Survive... stay alive
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