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I need two more boat drinks
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wanderingtoes wrote:Actually, I figure JB is allowed to sing whatever he feels like singing, and me, well I feel like I will like it whatever it is he sings, since I will be there, I can't ever remember leaving a Buffett Concert saying, that sucked. Where in Life can you go where almost everyone is happy, having a good time, and making memories. Salt, salt, salt, BEG, bring them on.
HERE HERE that sums it up for me :pirate:

Missing B'dos
We are the People our Parents Warned us
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On my kid's laptop -- hey, she got her MFA and she has a JOB in July!! Wow! -- anyway... I don't like WDWGDAS live or mostly recorded, except I loved the "Hawaiian" version he did on the 'Live in Las Vegas' CD this kid gave me a couple of years ago, slack guitar and all. That made it fun!

Otherwise, sick of Cheeseburger and One Particular Harbor, and like Fins much better on CD. Also, my Jimmy really dislikes Pencil Thin Mustache!!

We may never go to another live concert... Thursday night Irvine last year was so perfect, that we are afraid another might spoil it... sometimes you can't go back, you know. There was Magic in the Air that night.

But would love to hear 'Stars on the Water', 'Lone Palm' , 'Coast is Clear', 'Nothin' But a Breeze' sung live. When he's not havin' to yell, he still can sing, just him and that guitar. Nice to hear he's included 'Tonight I just need my guitar' on this year's tour.

Well -- knock on wood, keep your fingers crossed -- looks like we might be movin' back down island later this year, so maybe he'll do another island concert we can get to... under THOSE circumstances, we'd go.

Oh, and in the midst of travel... Hawai'i in May was PERFECT-- now we love Haleiwa!!

Have you noticed the gaps between the clusters of concerts are getting longer?

blackjacks wife
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Instead of "Salt, Salt, Salt" during M-ville, try singing "Where the F@#! is my salt, salt". That seems to liven up the song and garner some interesting looks!

I need two more boat drinks
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Definitely No. 1 is "WDWGDAS." That novelty song has long worn out its welcome.
This goes back awhile in concert, but I also am tired of "Gypsies in the Palace" and don't care if I ever hear it again.
Now, on the other hand, I prefer hearing "We are the people our parents warned us about" live over the recorded version, especially for the "Twist and Shout" interlude.... 8)
"I heard I was in town...."

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