Fingers Taylor Joing the Tour?

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Fingers Taylor Joing the Tour?

Post by puckhead »

He has dates scheduled in Va on June 27th (one day after Camden and 1 day before Nissan) and in AC on the 29th and 30th...

Seems kind of odd to be following Jimmy around and playing seperate gigs... Hopefully we'll see he back on-stage with the CR's this leg of the tour.

I know that it was awesome to see him back up there at MSG last year!

the good fight
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Post by the good fight »

I would absolutely love it if he made an appearance in Pittsburgh.

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Post by ToplessRideFL »

I doubt it..... but what do I know..... :-?

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Post by pojo »

I wouldn't hold your breath....

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Post by 12vmanRick »

pojo wrote:I wouldn't hold your breath....

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Post by SchoolGirlHeart »

Fingers has been playing with several other artists this spring: Mac in the Carolinas, GA, AL, and LA.... Hugo Duarte and others on the West Coast, KD Moore in LA... The next Mac/Fingers show is the show on the 27th, in Falls Church, VA, and the 29th/30th with John Frinzi. Be nice to see Fingers play with the CRB, but I'm not sure I'd read anything into the dates except for the fact that he's playing with other "trop-rock" artists and with Mac, all of whom often play near a Buffett show....
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Post by puckhead »

pojo wrote:I wouldn't hold your breath....
So should I still hold my breath?

Seems like fingers did join the band last night and I am hoping that he is there on Saturday as well (I would think that it is very likely since he'll be in AC)

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Post by Margarita Will »

puckhead wrote:Seems like "Fingers" did join the band last night...
Seems like?!?!

I'm not embarrassed to say it... When I saw "Fingers" walk out on stage last night (at Nissan), it brought a tear to my eye.

He sure looks rough though... Time (and other issues) haven't been kind to the man... He's still my favorite "blues harp" player though...

Good on ya', "Fingers"!

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Post by Docktails at 5 »

Having Fingers on stage was an absolutely amazing experience. I saw Jimmy for the first time in 2000 after he and Fingers split up. Now after all these years later, I finally got to see them back together again. With Fingers playing on APLAF and Tin Cup Chalice last night, Jimmy's music sounds so much better. Hopefully Finger's will do many more surprise appearences.
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Post by pleiades03 »

It was great seeing Fingers play with Mac at the State Theater and then to see him on stage with Buffett again was fabulous. We'll be seeing him with Frinzi tomorrow at Trumps Marina. I'm hoping he'll be with Jimmy again tomorrow night. Fingers adds a special magic to the songs.
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Finger Taylor

Post by steig116 »

Fingers was on stage with Jimmy at Nissan. AWESOME!
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