Jimmy releases new single today!!!

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Jimmy releases new single today!!!

Post by urlcenter »

Jimmy and the CRB have released a new single on Mailboat Records and Itunes today, the song is called Ever Elusive Future

https://www.mailboatstore.com/jimmy-buf ... uture.html

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Re: Jimmy releases new single today!!!

Post by Bucarader »

Groovy! I wonder if a studio version of Workin' n' Playin' will be out soon as well?

Curious why he didn't play this in Dallas or Houston? I bet he plays it in Atlanta tonight.
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Re: Jimmy releases new single today!!!

Post by catsway »

Downloaded via ITunes at work. It was nice to get off work and crank it up on the way home.

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Re: Jimmy releases new single today!!!

Post by 2muchcoffeeman »

Interesting song. Felt like a huge departure from Songs From St. Somewhere. And no leaks at all over Teh Internetz Tubez.
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Re: Jimmy releases new single today!!!

Post by LIPH »

I listened to the 90 second preview on iTunes, I wasn't impressed. Maybe if I hear the entire song a few times it might grow on me.
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Re: Jimmy releases new single today!!!

Post by springparrot »

He said on Bing and Bong that he wrote it for Jurassic World

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