Jimmy/Fingers Taylor Bronze Marker

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Jimmy/Fingers Taylor Bronze Marker

Post by Dr.Corona »

University of Southern Miss erecting Bronze Marker where Jimmy & Fingers Taylor first jammed near Student center steps.

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Re: Jimmy/Fingers Taylor Bronze Marker

Post by RainTree »

Thanks for posting. It's so nice that they are being recognized together. [smilie=battingeyes.gif] [smilie=battingeyes.gif]

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Re: Jimmy/Fingers Taylor Bronze Marker

Post by Martyritaville »

Thanx for the article, Doc! :D
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Re: Jimmy/Fingers Taylor Bronze Marker

Post by LIPH »

I wonder how many Southern Miss students know who Jimmy and Fingers are? :lol:
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Re: Jimmy/Fingers Taylor Bronze Marker

Post by wanderingtoes »

Glad to see them honored. There was a day, in happier times and places, where the trio of Mac, Fingers, and JB were Legendary. The music they made was so special, at the time we thought it would always be that way. Good times.
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Re: Jimmy/Fingers Taylor Bronze Marker

Post by Tiki Bar »

This was way cool!
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