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Break It To Me Gentlty

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Break It To Me Gentlty

Post by palmettopirate » June 13, 2019 7:21 am

Jasper went on a trip and asked his neighbor Cletus to watch out for things around his place while he was gone.

After a couple days Jasper called Cletus and asked him how things were going.

Cletus: "Not too good. Your cat ran out In the street and got hit by a car and was killed."

Jasper: "Man, that's kinda cold, blunt, heartless, and insensitive."

Cletus: 'Well that's what happened."

Jasper: 'Yes, but you could have let me down a little easier than that."

Cletus: "What do you mean?"

Jasper: "You could have said something like she climbed up on the roof last night. And then you could have said you called the fire department. Then you could have said that the fire department got her down but she broke free and ran out in the street and encountered a moving vehicle and was injured. Then you could have said that you took her to the vet and had to leave her there. Then you could have said that the vet called and said she passed away during the night. This would have been a much better way to break the news. Do you understand?"

Cletus: "Yep, I think so. I think I got it now."

Jasper: "Well that's good. By the way, have you checked on my grandma?'

Cletus: " I sure did."

Jasper: "Well how's she doing?'

Cletus: "Well she climbed up on the roof last night……
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