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Wanna buy a piano?

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Wanna buy a piano?

Post by Bicycle Bill » September 22, 2017 12:59 pm

A guy walked into a bar with a small box under his arm.  He set the box down and ordered a drink.  Then, he reached into the box and took out an exquisite miniature grand piano which he set on the bar.  Turning to the bartender, he said, "You need to liven this place up with some entertainment.  How would you like to buy this beautiful piano?"

The bartender said, "How is that going to be entertaining?  I got no use for it."

The customer said, "I forgot to mention, it comes with this," and he reached into the box and removed a small bench which he placed next to the piano.  Then, very carefully, he took out a little man about the size of a Barbie doll, dressed in a tuxedo, and gently stood him on the bar.  The little man walked over to the bench, sat down, and began to play.

The bartender was amazed.  "Where did you ever find something like that?" he asked.

"I found a magic lamp and rubbed it to release the genie, the genie granted me three wishes, and this was one of my wishes...  But," and here the customer shook his head sadly, "it turned out that the genie was a little hard of hearing."

"What has that got to do with it?" asked the bartender.

"Well," said the customer, "do you really think that I wished for a 12-inch pianist?"
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