National PLAY-DOH Day Monday @ the MSC

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Re: National PLAY-DOH Day Monday @ the MSC

Post by springparrot »

bodypainter wrote:
September 16, 2019 8:28 pm
Thanks, Molly and Tammy. The Barret's syndrome diagnosis some years ago really scared me. If bad, the surgeon cuts out the esophagus infected with cancer cells, then stretches it and reattaches the ends. I've been okay so far. They will contact me about the biopsy results.


Life is still good. :D

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Re: National PLAY-DOH Day Monday @ the MSC

Post by tailgaitingph »

bodypainter wrote:
September 16, 2019 5:14 pm
Hi there! Bern is a chef who had foodies choose 2 choices for a high end wedding reception at his event center. They chose filet as a choice and chicken with waffles.

My scopes went well. polyps were removed. Life is good.
YAAAY Bill!!
Just trying to participate and make SP proud

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Re: National PLAY-DOH Day Monday @ the MSC

Post by Dr.Corona »

bodypainter wrote:
September 16, 2019 11:05 am
Good morning all. As an artist, I never liked Play Doh. It doesn't sculpt well compared to the ugly, oil infused modelling clay. I made that opinion at the age of seven. My first grade students all received the good stuff to keep in their desk or take home after several sculpting lessons.

We leave in hour for double scopes. I'm monitored for Barret's syndrome, a precursor to esophageal cancer. The cancer that took Eddie Money. It is treatable if caught in time.
Here's hoping the biopsies are clear Bill!
My brother has been dealing with Barrett's for probably 8 or so years now. He had high grade dysplasia back then which puts you at greater risk for cancer but treatments have dropped him into the low grade dysplasia category. Still a risk, but not nearly as high.

They wanted to do the surgery initially,removing the esophagus but it's a pretty intense surgery....intense probably not be the right description. Let's just say it's pretty major & I've known someone who had it but still ended up passing of cancer. My brother has mental disabilities so it's a procedure that the family (notably my mom) has needed to process & determine what's in his best interest.
Since my mom's passing 6 years ago I've kinda taken over the lead & with a number of procedures (removal of nodules along the esophagal wall) he's made drastic improvement. He is going in for more treatments here in a couple months for more nodule removal. He's had them cut out (EMR), burned out (RFA) & frozen out (Cryotherapy). Hopefully this next round of treatments of nodule removal can complete the cycle & we can move to a monitoring phase of just doing periodical biopsies.
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