Asking for a little Phin Power

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Asking for a little Phin Power

Post by piratenurse »

I have been away for awhile, but thought it might be a good thing to come back.

Feeling the need for a little phin power and you are the phriends I need to ask.

I am going to admit my 24 year old son to a psychiatric partial hospitalization program tomorrow morning. He needs treatment for alcohol addiction and a multitude of psychiatric diagnoses. Everything has gotten really ugly, but the good news is that because I have a very flexible job and the mental health court system believes I will be his keeper, things have not gone to the place they could have, which I was afraid would actually jeopardize his physical safety, never mind the emotional/psychiatric status. This is going to be a long haul, hoping the care I'm paying for (read big bucks) makes a difference. I don't really care if I work every weekend to pay for it, just hoping for positive results. Phin power, please. Thanks, guys.
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Re: Asking for a little Phin Power

Post by SMLCHNG »

Hoping for positive results for you and your son. :) :(

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Re: Asking for a little Phin Power

Post by Staredge »

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Re: Asking for a little Phin Power

Post by dnw »

Lots of phin power headed for your son. /) /) /)


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Re: Asking for a little Phin Power

Post by lime rickie »

Sending tons of MA phin power.


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Woman going crazy on Caroline street
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Re: Asking for a little Phin Power

Post by sunseeker »

phin power coming your way!
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Re: Asking for a little Phin Power

Post by Saltx3 »

WOW! Kevin (Pa Parrot) and I have 2 20-something children. When our son was 17-19 he made some bad decisions but for the grace of God was spared from legal ramifications and additive behavior which could have been results of his actions. However, at one point we made him move out of our home and he lived in his car for 6 months. When his car broke down 75 miles from home we got him and dropped him off at a local shelter (on Mother's Day 2008) He is doing well now but those days haunt us every now and then.

So -- We know how difficult it can be to help without enabling in an attempt to protect our children. We do whatever we can and what we believe is best suited to the circumstances at the time. Don't let anyone else try to tell you what to do or what not to do. Be diligent, be strong, allow others to "do" for you while you do for him. Our prayers are with you and your son as you travel this road. May you have peace and strength. And keep us posted -- on the good days and the bad.

big john
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Re: Asking for a little Phin Power

Post by big john »

Phin power and good luck coming your way. Been through that (and more) with family members.
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