Exciting news.

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Exciting news.

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Good morning fellow Parrot Heads. I received the best birthday present a day early yesterday. In June, my guide dog of 10 years, Ms Sammie, passed away. Needless to say, losing Ms Sammie has been rough. She was the best 4-legged Parrot Head, and she traveled with me on many adventures. The grief process has been happening as it should, and time is making things manageable. I will always miss Sammie, and a new dog will never take her place, but I need and want another dog in my life. Yesterday, I received a phone call from the guide dog school where I received Sammie 10 years ago, and in October I will be going to class to be trained with my new dog. This is exciting news, and now I can start the process of getting my life back.

This past week, I traveled to Pittsburgh to see JB, and I had a wonderful time. A lot of beautiful Parrot heads from this board were there to make sure that I was a part of it all, and I had a much needed fantastic time; however, someone was missing from the party, and that someone was Ms Sammie. Once my new dog is comfortable with its life with me and the routine of my life I sure hope that this dog will have some of the opportunities that Ms Sammie had which include Parrot Head adventures.
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Re: Exciting news.

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Re: Exciting news.

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Great news Liz! Keep us updated on your progress.

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Re: Exciting news.

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[smilie=gt-happyup.gif] [smilie=gt-happyup.gif] [smilie=gt-happyup.gif]


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Re: Exciting news.

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Re: Exciting news.

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Great news, Liz! :D
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Re: Exciting news.

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Great news! Happy birthday Liz!
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Re: Exciting news.

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Woof! That's great news!

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Re: Exciting news.

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Fabulous news! I can't wait to see the new sweet face in your life [smilie=hearts.gif]

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Re: Exciting news.

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So happy for you!
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Re: Exciting news.

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that is some great news!! I am glad to hear...

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Re: Exciting news.

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Awesome News Liz!! Best of Luck with your new best buddy! 8)
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