Friday the 13th @ the MSC

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Re: Friday the 13th @ the MSC

Post by aeroparrot »

Hi Penny.
If you want an experience, go to a Jimmy Buffett concert.

Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

Life is short, live long!!

I'd rather be a wiseass than a dumbass.


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Re: Friday the 13th @ the MSC

Post by bodypainter »

Ravi is in the house!

Oh, and.... Ahoy! I backed my trailer into a car bumper at the boat ramp. I broke my light and left a note. While replacing the light , a young woman called me to say the damage was minimal and thanked me for my honesty. She wasn't going to worry about it.My bad day became much better. :D
If I wasn't fishing in this all day rain,I'd be home doing something stupid.

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Re: Friday the 13th @ the MSC

Post by Saltx3 »

Howdy everyone! Checking in while watching Jimmy at Wrigley.

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Re: Friday the 13th @ the MSC

Post by springparrot »

SMLCHNG wrote:
July 13, 2018 9:25 pm
Hiya Ravi. :)

Glad that you got some sort of info, Molly. Pretty poor communication. :(
Can't wait to yell at him. ;)

Hey Ravi

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