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songs on jimmy's neww cd.

Post by markus »

I would like to see a live version of changes in lattitudes, the weather is here, and boat drinks. I would also like to see another sat. night on the new cd. 8) 8) :lol:



Post by Jollymon22 »

Feel'n rather fertile, Diver look out below!!!!!
aj wrote:Buck Butt the Turtle!!!!!!!!!!!!


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"That's What Living is To Me" is by far the best live song I could ever imagine JB to sing!!!! Looking forward to the new mix!

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Post by TheSecretsInTheCrust »

My choices for live recordings are:
1. Pre-You
2. We Are The People...
3. Honey Do
4. Everybody's Talking
5. California Promises
6. Thank God, The Tiki Bar Is Open
7. Another Saturday Night
8. Pascogoula Run
9. Tampico Trauma
10. Ace
11. The Captain and The Kid
12. Someday I Will
13. The Night I Painted The Sky
14. Woman Going Crazy On Caroline Street
15. Migration
16. Dallas
17. Stories We Could Tell
18. Island
19. Door Number Three
20. Mademoiselle Voulez-Vous Dancer
21. Oysters and Pearls
22. School Boy Heart
23. Semi-True Story
24. Banana Republics
25. All The Ways I Want You
26. 12-Volt Man
27. Barefoot Children In The Rain
28. Jolly Mon Sings
29. Jimmy Dreams
30. Lage Nom Ai
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Post by cmpete77 »

I'll vote for

No Woman, No Cry
Love and Luck
and "That's what living is to me"

(and for my brother - a better version of "Southern Cross" than TTS!)


Post by JeepinGeo »

RagTop Day
Who's The Blonde Stranger
The Weather Is Here....
Were you Born an A**hole

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Post by oysters & beer »

My choices for live are:

1. Island
2. We are the People our Parents Warned Us about.
3. Ragtop Day.
4. Banana Republics.
5. When the Coast is Clear
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new album

Post by al-vacado »

door #3
turning around
morrises nightmare
everlasting moon
you don't bring me candy
south america
reggie accident
Door #3 is a must JIMMY!!!!!!

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Re: Buffett Album

Post by Tiki Bar »

cajunpirate wrote:A buddy of mine just dropped off a cd he made for me...I guess his way of thanking me for turning him into a 'parrothead.' Take a look at what he did...

Jimmy Buffett - The Lost Shaker of Salt
Rarities & Unreleased Recordings

1. Mr. Spaceman (Kermit Unpigged)
2. Another Saturday Night (Margaritaville Cafe Key West)
3. Trouble on the Horizon (M.O.M.2)
4. Mack The Knife (Duets II)
5. Sea Cruise (Margaritaville Cafe New Orleans)
6. The Ballad of Buck the Turtle
7. South American
8. Caribbean Amphibian (Elmopalloza)
9. Reggae Accident (Margaritaville Cafe Key West)
10. Don't Bug Me (Arachnaphobia)
11. Goodnight, Irene (Margaritaville Cafe New Orleans)
12. Please Take Your Drunken 15-Yr Old Girlfriend Home - Live
13. I Don't Know (Spicoli's Theme) (Fast Times At Ridgemont High)
14. Sugar Trade
15. Turning Around (Summer Rental)
16. Gulf Coast Highway
17. Hello, Texas (Urban Cowboy)
18. Don't Bring Me Candy
19. Abandoned on Tuesday
20. Souvenirs (Margaritaville Cafe Key West)

Some were recorded off Radio Margaritaville, but for the most part, this is a great cd (selections & sound).

My only disappointment: missing Purple People Eater (Contact)

Don't worry Jimmy, I'll be buying your new cd even if it mirrors this (I'd want the best sound possible), but this is a pretty good start!

This is a great collection, with a cool title too! It even has "The Ballad of Buck the Turtle", aka "Buck Butt the Turtle", which I would love a good copy of! My cheesy cassette version that I recorded via boombox in front of the computer speaker doesn't do it justice!

I'm proud to say I was there when Jimmy created that fun song from Buzz's newscast, and sorry to say I miss the "other JB" - Jonathon Brandmeier aka Johnny B . :cry:
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song on buffett buffet

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stranded on a sandbar
lone palm
no woman no cry (chicago HOB Cubs benefit)


Post by Ann »

Right now on Radio Margaritaville, they are playing "Please Take Your Drunken 15 Year Old Girlfriend Home".

Yeah, that's got to be on the album.

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Jimmy New??? CD

Post by andrewsjerrypat »

After reading thru the 130 posts, I agree with the minority. Please JB,
don't give us a retread. We will probably all go out and buy it because
of our obsessive personalites, but how about this for an idea...
Record some of the original tunes by other artists like Jim Morris,
Jim Hoehn, Kevin Mulvenna, Living Soul, etc. Maybe even do duets with
those other artists. There are still alot of excellent songwriters out there
that write what Jimmy "used" to write about. How about recording their
I want more trop/rock type songs that make take me to the
Caribbean in sound and spirit.
A special note to cajunpirate... could you make me a copy that CD that
your friend put together. My address is


Post by sonofabeach »

While I wish Jimmy would put out a cd of rarites etc, I'm guessing he'll put out a "best of" collection of post "Song you know by heart" songs.
A lot of artist have an early "best of" cd and a newer "best of" cd.
I'm thinking that it will have songs like
Barometer Soup
Only time will tell
Another Saturday Night
Beach House
Far Side
Jimmy Dreams

Like a lot a people nowadaze I have a cd burner so hopefully it's not a bunch of songs that I can already make a compilation of.
But even if it is, as a Parrothead I guess I'm obligated to buy it.
But it would be awesome to finally have a quality sounding copy of
"Please take your drunken 15 year old girlfriend home"


Post by Guest »

All of them that I can't remember from the last show :pirate: . Trouble on the horizon would be an excellent addition. I don't think many people have heard it. His live version of Uncle Johns band is pretty obscure also. I quess I most of all he should pick the songs he likes best not us. It's time he did something for himself instead of pleaseing us with some of the same old standards.

TJ Held

Post by TJ Held »

Anonymous wrote:All of them that I can't remember from the last show :pirate: . Trouble on the horizon would be an excellent addition. I don't think many people have heard it. His live version of Uncle Johns band is pretty obscure also. I quess I most of all he should pick the songs he likes best not us. It's time he did something for himself instead of pleaseing us with some of the same old standards.


You've got to be kidding me!

Post by Guest »

Did Something or himself??? Okay, explain these seaplanes, mansions and megabucks???



Post by Guest »

All his best Key West songs


Post by Guest »

Well as far as him having all the planes and other good stuff I would guess that since you are looking at this website you have contributed to his bank of bad habits at sometime or another. I ment musically.

Key East


Post by Key East »

Yeah, I have...sometimes I feel a little bad about having done so.


Post by bhadden »

Please Come to Boston

great song :D

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