Jimmy Surfing in Vietnam

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Jimmy Surfing in Vietnam

Post by phjim »

Jimmy Buffett was photographed recently at the China Beach in Vietnam surfing. Tam's Pub and Surf Shop has a couple of photos: "Surfing in Da Nang"

Image Image

Update: Here's an email that was read on the air on Radio Margaritaville:
'I'm Timmy Lockett, i'm the one giving surfing lessons at Tam's Pub and Surf Shop. You might recognize me from the picture with Jimmy on the beach. I didn't get to surf with him because I was working, but met him and he was such a nice guy. So Jimmy came here I guess in-between shows or something, and rented 3 of our boards. From what I saw he used them well. He only stayed for a little while. After that he showed up at our shop and played some music and talked for a while then he jumped on his plane and headed to <b>Singapore</b> to do a show. I did talk with his photographers and it was nice to talk with someone that grew up where I did on the East Coast.'</em>
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Post by surfpirate »

That pirate sure can surf. 8)
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Post by Quiet and Shy »

I wonder if he stayed at the place with the house elephant...and got a ride along the beach. I'll bet he really enjoyed Hoi An, too.
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Post by BareFootBoy »

Charlie Surfs?
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BareFootBoy wrote:Charlie Surfs?
Someone's gonna have to break it to Mr. Duvall [smilie=asa.gif]
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Post by Gulfbreeze »

Quiet and Shy wrote:I'll bet he really enjoyed Hoi An, too.

I met her once...but come on Q...he's a married man... :lol: :lol:

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