VEGAS re-broadcast and/or Radio M HUM!

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VEGAS re-broadcast and/or Radio M HUM!

Post by CAPT sand »

Hello all,

Does anybody have a copy of 09 29 2000? I taped it last night , due to the Seattle feed being down, BUT my copy has a annoying hum!

I have double checked the hum and here is my conclusion: It is from Radio M. Although I haven't had problems with Radio M and a HUM before.

My live stream today has the HUM still! Other www live streams are fine so I downloaded REAL one player and Radio M Still has that hum!! Any quick ideas for tonghts re-broadcast of pete and mac.

Again it only is on Radio M where I have this HUM ?? anyone else notice?

Sorry for the ramblin' rant oh yeah any good copies of the vegas 09 29 2000 mentioned in the subject heading?

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Post by zanth »

When I recorded Pittsburgh (7-19-03) there was a slight hum on the recording, guess RM needs to do some audio adjustments
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Vegas tradin'

Post by jvrabel »

Would love a copy of Vegas, if anybody got a good one. Hit me with a PM for a trade.

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Post by Shenmue »

Yeah, I'd like a copy too, it was my first Buffett concert at the ripe old age of 15.
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ihave a copy what do u have to trade

Post by buffettfanforever »

ihave a copy what do u have to trade

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