Montessori Benefit

Trade bootlegs and get help recording shows

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Does anyone have the Montessori Benefit from this year they would want to trade or something. Unfortunatley, I probably dont have any rare shows you need but I could trade you a movie thats still in theatres or something. I need the show man, I need my FIX! Thanks

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Check the news section of this site. It is being replayed on Radio Margaritaville four times this week. If you have a Total Recorder, you can record it then.

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I was at the East Hampton show and I noticed a few video cameras there. I was wondering if anyone had a copy of this year's East Hampton show. I have a video of last years show that I would be willing to trade. I also have cd's of all 3 montesorri shows that I could burn. Thanks....
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I don't think I have enough room on my computer to load/run total recorder. Would anyone be willing to burn the Montessori concert in exchange for a few blank CD's?? If so, e-mail me at You'd have my undying devotion for life!! :grin:
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