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Very Important Message regarding the Jokelben 2.0 server!!!

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Very Important Message regarding the Jokelben 2.0 server!!!

Post by urlcenter » September 17, 2017 9:12 pm

To users of Buffettnews who download shows from the Jokelben 2.0 server located on pCloud please be advised that the server has been server has been temporarily locked down by Sunlover as of earlier this afternoon!!

The reason for this decision by Sunlover is connected to the other message posted in this forum regarding concert videos being sold on Ebay.

Since the discovery of the concert videos for sale on Ebay, Sunlover and I have been checking Ebay almost daily looking for new concert video postings.

This morning I discovered a posting for an item that advertises a link to over 200 Jimmy Buffett shows in MP3 format. The description of the contents of the link for sale are virtually identical to the current contents of the Jokelben 2.0 server. Part of description of the link for sale says shows from 1974-1997 this matches all of the pre-Radio Margaritaville shows currently on Jokelben 2.0. The Ebay description also states that the link will allow the downloading of either full shows or individual live tracks from shows which again is identical to Jokelben 2.0.

After discovering this Ebay listing I immediately PM'd Sunlover and he too became concerned so concerned that he decided to lock down and password protect the server until the Ebay auction for the link expires. Unfortunately the Ebay auction for the link has another 6 days to run so the server will be locked down for this coming week. None of the content of the server has been lost everything in both audio and video formats is intact. Sunlover's FTP server is not effected by the Jokelben 2.0 lock down.

In closing I will repeat what I posted in the earlier message regarding concerts for sale on Ebay and that is that Neither Sunlover, Casterghost or myself profit in any way from our efforts to maintain and or upload content to the Jokelben 2.0 server. It is deeply troubling that this profiteering is going on an even more worrisome that the entire Jokelben server may be being offered for sale

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