help with avatar..

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help with avatar..

Post by ccabsolut01 »

I'm sorry for this topic, because I know that you've all got this many many times...I'm just wondering how to make the avatar appear under your name. I have shrunk it down to the right size and now it's saved on my computer but I can't get it onto this thing. I somehow need to have it as a website or something?

And also how do I get different pictures/words/quotes/etc etc under each of my posts?

Thanks for any help, and sorry again-- TCJ

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Post by ph4ever »

It needs to be hosted by a website and one that dosn't require a password.

as for your signature line - it's done in the profile. You'll have to use the codes such as [size][color] etc to get anything you quote to be in a different font size or color. As far as the pics go - it's pretty much the same as the avatar - it has to be linked to a website. Try reading this thread - maybe it'll help or if you want to pm me with any additional questions I'll be glad to help - although I'm by far not the smartest computer person in the world ... 20&start=0
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