My new home :D

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I am SOOO jealous.

TJ Tryon
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Fair Winds and Following Seas to you and your new lady.

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Nice................ we've had the 22, and the 25, were hoping for the 27 but our sailing days are over. Enjoy for all of us, and best of luck with her, she looks great!!!!!!!!
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I gotta go where it's warm
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< Jealous
I know i don't get here quite often enough


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so, LaTda is not a chick?
Ya learn something new everyday :lol:

Conga rats mon!!!
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oh WOW........have a fun life!!!!

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Re: My new home :D

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Green eyes of jealousy flashing over here.

Have fun!
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Oh WOW ... Still with the surprises I see ...

Congratulations and happy sailing!!

:D :D :D
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Post by LaTda »

Getting closer & closer :o
I can't wait :lol:
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She's a beauty...congrats.

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sonofabeach wrote:so, LaTda is not a chick?Ya learn something new everyday :lol:

Conga rats mon!!!

Nope, not this one..definately!

CongaRats Mike..gonna bring her South, sometime, down the ICW?

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Hi Mike and CONGA-RATS!!! Gonna take a lot of adjusting to the living space. You can do it. Remember onboard a boat .......everything must have a dual purpose.
I had a Coronado 25.Comfortable enough for overnighting and weekending and gunkholing. A bit small for liveaboard though. Don;t know if you had the course yet But I highly reccommend the Coast Guard Auxillary Safe Boating Course.( Hey you may know it already but that little course will knock off 10% or so off of your boating insurance. ( Maybe more....) so it is worth it. Plus you might even gain a little knowledge

What is the name of your new home? Going to leave it as she was named, or give her a new one?

If you ever get the time, we are a "straight shot" down and just off the ICW. I can give you some info on the local waters if you like. You could even do Cumberland Island, among numerous others.
Let us know and CONGA-RATS again.
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How exciting, Mike! May you always have fair winds and following seas!

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Awesome Mike - can't wait to hear the stories you'll be able to tell by being a "live aboard" :-)

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Post by bravedave »



got any updates for us?
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Congrats LaTda! I'm sure you'll love living aboard, I did it for about 5 years and hope to again someday. My new (to me) Catalina 250 is a little too small for living aboard but my next baot will be perfect.
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Beautiful Boat!! If you ever decide to sail to California u can look me up I live right on the Marina and know where u can park!!!! :lol:



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congrats! Happy sailing.
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Anne Bonny
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May the wind always be in your sails and drinks in your cooler. 8)

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Post by LaTda »

bravedave wrote:btt


got any updates for us?
sorry for the lack of updates :oops: :lol:
It took awhile to get her down here from the top of the Chesapeake to the bottom ~ 200 miles or so.
We got holed up for 48 hours @ the Smith Point Marina due to gale winds & small craft advisories. The gracious owner, Dan, even brought us a caraff of coffee on the 2nd morning :o (we're not worthy!)

Anyway it was tiring- no- exhausting but fun :D :P
we had vhf radio & fuel delivery problems but worked through them both.
I took lots of pictures & will combine it with excerpts from the Captains Log & share with y'all as soon as I can :wink:
Sittin on the dock of the bay

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